Friday, April 11, 2008

My first interview is out this Sunday

I've written a fair few articles in the last two years, done quite a few interviews and learned a lot from meeting some of the U.K's best journalists - now it's finally my turn to ask the questions!

See the Sunday Times News Review on Sunday (no pressure there at all then, writing your first big interview for the UK's biggest Sunday newspaper). Thanks to the lovely Eleanor, News Review editor for encouraging me, and to Dave Bones at Socialist Wanker for the intro, research and support. And thanks to M for being such a good subject.

This is a big moment in my writing career and I am already in a right state about it. I expect I will be up at midnight on Saturday waiting for it to come online, clutching a vodka tonic - and then up early waiting for the newsagent to open.

*I know I mentioned this before and then nothing happened. The piece was held back for two weeks due to new material being added in the light of recent terrorism-related events, sorry to everyone who's been emailing wondering where it is.

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Blogger fh said...

If your yesterday piece on the case piece is any indication at all, the S.Times piece is something very much to look forward to. I suspect there'll be quite a few others, myself included, waiting with you.

April 11, 2008 8:33 pm  
Blogger DAVE BONES said...

thanks for believing in what I am doing.

April 11, 2008 9:36 pm  
Blogger Graham the Funky Aardvark said...

Guess I am buying the paper on Sunday then :)

Looking forward to this

April 11, 2008 10:28 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...

Whole page!1.2 million copies!

yay for me and Dave and M!

Thanks everyone!

April 11, 2008 10:30 pm  
Blogger Deborah said...

I'm excited to read it. Congratulations - this is a big deal!

April 11, 2008 10:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just checking in after a while, hope you aren't finding the trial too upsetting, don't know how I would feel if I saw those images.

Footage of the Madrid bombings sent me into real shock, am I correct in believing they were leaked and not officially released?

Good luck with the article,

Steve A (KCU)

April 12, 2008 12:14 am  
Blogger Deborah said...

Rachel - I meant to say - you know you can get the Sunday paper on Saturday night, right? I'm not sure what time they start selling them, but there's always a big newspaper stand outside Leicester Square tube (and some other tube stations, but I'm not sure which one) from 11pm for sure, and possibly earlier than that - sometime between 10 and 11. Just mentioning it in case you can't wait for Sunday! I know if it was my interview, I'd be perched at Leicester Square from 10pm waiting for the first copy... but perhaps you have more patience!

April 12, 2008 7:58 am  
Blogger Rachel said...

Ha, good idea Deborah.Thanks Dave & Graham for the support.

Steve! - lovely to hear from you. I'm not sure what happened with the Madrid footage - where you over with Sylvia in Barcelona when it came out?
I know I went into a tail spin when the footage of the carriages esp. the photo our train was leaked by the US news - as did loads of other KCU-ers.

Since then, I've seen the extent of the devastation on the Picc. train at the 7 July Centre, in a meeting with a counsellor there - which was awful, but did help me manage flashbacks better afterwards.

I knew the CCTV would be shown in the trial - I've known for ages - and I was prepared for it, but it was still sad and scary. The worst thing was MSK filming himself and his daughter, with the other bombers & friend - one of the defendants in court - describing them as 'uncles' to the baby, and then later, filming himself talking to the baby alone, telling her how much he loved her.

That I found devastating.It was so human and so inhuman simultaneously.

Hope you are well and works going well. Best wishes to you and yours

April 12, 2008 12:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,

no I think it came out just after 7/7 but I stumbled over it on my own much later when I was obsesively reading about similar events.

Things are better now but only because I've only just been able to get CBT proper, had 4 sessions so far and it's going well. Had to go privately via solicitors as NHS had an 18 month waiting list up here. And cica are squirming as much as possible to get out of paying for it. Things were very desperate for a while. But getting better now.

The MSK transcript just struck me as bizarre more than anything. I'm just letting it all wash over me, I tend to follow it out of the corner of my eye in a very detatched way. I like to know what's going on but ultimately interested in other things. Have a large project/ series of sculptures going in in Sunderland at the end of Summer, really excited about that.

Hope you are well and get some sleep tonight ahead of the article.


April 12, 2008 1:48 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...


I'm glad that the CBT is going well. I found I needed about 12 sessions to make a real difference. Sorry you had to fight so hard for it - CICA are a disgrace sometimes.

I'm also very sorry to have belatedly found out about your mother. My mum died in August last year, after a stroke out of the blue last July.

Congratulations on the sculpture project - hope we can see pics on your blog

April 12, 2008 4:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations and well done on getting that Rachel. I don't usually buy the Sunday Times but will definitely make an effort to get it tomorrow.

If it is half as good as everything else you've written, it'll be brill :) Can't wait to read it.

April 12, 2008 4:28 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...

Cheers Gary!

April 12, 2008 4:45 pm  

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