Sunday, April 06, 2008

Recommended reading

As the snow continues to fall, here is some reading suggestions for those who are sensibly staying inside this Sunday.


Peter Zimonjic has written a minute-by-minute account of the day of the London bombings based on his own experiences on the day and interviews with some survivors. A harrowing read, full of examples of startling heroism and bravery from ordinary people - and giving some indication of how much such bravery cost. I hope there is a copy in Belmarsh prison library
'Into the darkness' by Peter Zimonjic is available online or from book shops.

'What Terrorists Want' by Louise Richardson is by miles the most sane, sensible, well-informed, readable and scholarly analysis of terrorism I've ever read. I can't recommend it enough. Everyone who is anything to do with our current anti-terrorism strategy, or has an interest in the subject should read it. If there's anyone reading from Portcullis House ( and yes, I have seen IPs of past visitors) who hasn't already got themselves a copy, you know what to do.


I've recommended some of these before but I encourage you to have a look if you haven't already.

Old Fogey writes prolifically on music, literature, art and politics and his is a blog to savour.
Bete du Jour is addictive and is fast-gathering a cult following
The F-Word, Leftwing Criminologist , Ministry of Truth and CultureSluts have been making me think recently

Blog posts

Cerebral Black Hole has drawn my attention to a £1000 bounty for the PM and Home Secretary's fingerprints. Smart. Thanks for alerting me.

Sunny at Liberal Conspiracy asks why so many left-liberals are obsessed by being calm and rational

I try to be calm and rational because it makes it easier to get people to listen to me, but I don't always manage to keep a lid on it and sometimes that's no bad thing.



Blogger Graham the Funky Aardvark said...

Thanks for the recommendatio for 'Into the darkness' and I have just ordered it

Sorry for lack of comments recently, but you have had some wonderful posts

Keep it up

April 06, 2008 7:41 pm  
Anonymous Philip said...

I try to be calm and rational because it makes it easier to get people to listen to me

The trouble is, that only works if they themselves are calm and rational. Given that so many lead lives of quiet desperation, it's no wonder so many are prepared to listen to manipulators, demagogues and the occasional foaming maniac.

April 07, 2008 10:50 am  

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