Monday, September 11, 2006

Bloggers unmask Blairite Johnson plot

( Pic nicked off Guido)
ok, today's Government fighting like a sack of ferrets update....Remember the widespread hilarity about Keeping the Faith, that cheesey Dear Leader Please Stay website set up by an apparently distraught Blair voter on hearing of the PM's imminent exit, and unfortunately over-run by silly names within hours ( well done urban 75) ? Remember how that not-so-net-savvy Tony fan - called David Taylor - was quickly tracked right back to Blair HQ by blogger Tim Ireland? And was discovered to be up to his ears in less than clean tricks? Such as chucking out pensioner Walter Wolfgang for dissent at last year's conference? Smearing Clare Short? And much else besides? Remember this week's ructions as Blair accused Brown of plotting coups? Well, Bloggerheads's Tim Ireland has been hot on the trail of David Taylor, the man behind the ludicrous Blair fan site, all week, and today blogger Dizzy discovered more- that BEFORE Brown was accused of plotting his coup, there was a plan to get Alan Johnson up as the Anti Brown candidate from the Blairites all along!
Nice Alan Johnson has duly gone from 6/1 odds last week to 11/4 this week, for Permanent Leader of the Labour party, and is also at 4/1 for Deputy leader. I just put a monkey on each way, bit slow, drat, meant to do it at the weekend. Go, go, the odds'll slash tomorrow when the dead tree media get hold of this...


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