Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rumour and Speculation.

Political blogging is ace fun today. Spiteful, childish, it may be, all this feeding frenzy, but there's no point slating bloggers for behaving any worse than those in public office are doing right now...I've just rushed home after doing an interview with some nice people at for Shanghai TV about UK foreign policy and international terrorism, and now am sat here in the dark ( can't be faffed to go and find a lightbulb), clicking away whilst eating roast chicken pieces out of the packet ( can't be arsed to cook) . It's hot weather today, in Westminster, in the streets of North London, the hottest day for a month, the newsman says. I hear of gossip of a blazing row between Blair and Brown, earlier today, Sunny wonders, Dave wonders, are we clutching at Straws? The rumour mill grinds spicily. Is this a coup? Nobody knows yet, clickety click, we all surf like mad, its decision time says the BBC's Nick Robinson, a Tory MP texts me to watch Sky tomorow, BBC News 24 on now, but it is clearly holding back all the juicy stuff for the 10pm news/Newsnight,

meanwhile, here is a fab piccie, arf, and it's too late to bet and get a good price, the odds have been slashed on TB being gone before Christmas.


Anonymous BondBloke said...

Thanks for a great laugh that piccie just did it for me...

September 06, 2006 9:49 pm  

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