Sunday, May 25, 2008

Graffitti snails and tank-cakes

Have you ever wondered how to graffiti a snail?
How to bake a cake that is a tank with a moving turret?
Make a bicycle window box?
Turn a Pringles tube into a portable golf hole?
Make Elf ears in 5 minutes?
What about making a pneumatic Pirate cannon?
Or de-shelling a raw egg without using your hands?

Well, now you can find out ( hat tip, urban).

It has been chucking it down all morning so I have been amusing myself on the internet whilst J plays GTA4. Now it has finally stopped raining, I might go to the festival in Victoria Park. Or work out how to use the new oven, which J has switched on only for a strange chemical smell to appear. I can't remember when I last cooked something in a functioning kitchen. I hope the Kitchens Direct fitter reappears at some stage since now the dishwasher doesn't work and there are still planks of wood everywhere. Still, the hob works so we had boiled eggs.

I hope you are also having an amusing bank holiday weekend. I will write something serious and political soon - I've still got the Sunday papers to plough through - but right now I'm just enjoying the relief of reading some truly daft stuff on the internet; some of the stuff I've seen has been so bonkers and had me laughing so hard that J put down the controls at one point and rushed in to see if I was choking. Reading reviews of last night's Eurovision contest reminded me all over again of how good last night was: my sister and two mates came over and we all scored so high on the Eurovision game that we ended up drinking a lot of white wine very fast indeed - then a bottle of champagne - which is why both J and I are having an extremely quiet day today.



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