Friday, February 17, 2006

Dick Cheney

Well, if you can hold your own people without trial, wire-tap their conversations, torture them, never mind invading and trashing other people's countries, what's wrong with shooting your mates in the face?


Blogger Mike said...

A certain amount of unfortunate collateral damage is perfectly acceptable eh Dick?

February 17, 2006 3:56 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Lass In London said...

Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "friendly fire".

February 17, 2006 3:57 pm  
Blogger Jennifer said...

And those darn Republicans don't want gun control! I doubt they'll sing a different tune now, but it sure should make people wonder.

As an American, I just want to let the world know that an awful lot of us dislike the Bush administration as much as the rest of you do!!

February 17, 2006 4:00 pm  
Anonymous seth said...

hi rachel,

heres a headline from one of the major u.s. papers- i forgot which one

VP shoots his load into lawyer :)::)
they are also saying that cheney was drunk at the time.


February 17, 2006 8:00 pm  
Blogger The Great Blandini said...

Maybe if we encouraged them all to go on well-lubricated shooting exchanges, the world would improve no end.

I recommend Stevie Wonder going with Dubya, and being given an elephant gun.

Just a thought....

Oh, and I know it's been mentioned somewhere before, but congratulations on the whole marriage thing.
7 is a mystical number.

February 17, 2006 11:06 pm  
Blogger lulu said...

Oh yes. Unfortunate Collateral Damage is Cheney's middle name!

If he was drunk, isn't it common sense that you don't let a drunk man go shooting?

Oh wait I forgot. Common sense has no place in my government.

February 18, 2006 2:36 am  
Blogger steve said...

You know Aerosmiths song "Janie's Got a Gun" actually sounds like "Cheney's Got a Gun"... weird!

February 18, 2006 12:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote from Jasmin alhibi Brown on Dateline London this morning: "the lawyer knew too much: just imagine what Cheney's lawyer must know!"

February 19, 2006 7:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't care who it is, Cheny, some kid on the streets, a 4 year old, anyone can pull a trigger. Dumb kids get drunk all the time and drive, how many of you know someone that has killed someone or hit them while drunk driving? Why don't you tell your "friend" to their face you hate them and is an idiot! Cheney is just a person and he did something stupid, move on to the next person like Obama!! Who would befriend a terrorist that planted bombs in the Pentagon. Now who's the idiot?

August 08, 2008 3:52 am  

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