Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

Sorry, that was a boring ranty post before but I had to get it off my chest.

Valentine's Day: just got back from teaching pole dance class. Afterwards we had a bottle of red. A girl from the pub came and watched us, she had been curious for weeks and now she is joining next week. The advanced class toook a break to be soppy with their partners ( 'half term' ) but I decided to teach the beginners; what better way to celebrate the day of passion if you are single than by high-fiving your fellow students as they screetch with excitement having climbed the pole for the first time? Everyone arrived looking pissed off; they left looking pink cheeked and flushed with triumph.

J sent me lillies and roses, they arrived just as I rushed out of the office. I put them on my desk in the lovely vase they arrived in: now there's a man who knows how to charm a girl - everyone else had to use wastepaper bins to put their flowers in. We announced a new team structure and strategy today, so I and my colleagues were on the front page of the trade paper looking silly and the day was a whirl of meetings announcing the New Way of Doing Things. Internal rumblings were ignored as the good news was evangelised to the ad industry: it will all be all right in the end, and this is a way of everyone having more time to do what they are good at. We were told our company conference in May is to be in Paris, much excitement. We're going to try and break a world record, suggestions as to what we can try are welcome. All for charidee, natch. Should be good.

I ache everywhere but in a good way: just off to cook steaks and roast veg and then Desperate Housewives. Miff the cat and I gave J our cards, she purred and writhed on the floor and waved her paws in a sluttish manner. And the ring arrived yesterday, it is beautiful, a brilliant diamond circled by white gold. I keep gazing at it, and thinking how lucky I am.

We've set a date: September 15th, this year. We're going to be marrried in Dad's church, a Georgian beauty in Norwich, then have a ceileidh in a medieval monk's banqueting hall for all our friends and family. Friends have offered to do my make-up, flowers, make the skirt, do my hair, take the photos. It's all coming together. I feel surrounded by luck and love.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Blogger Clare said...

Happy Valentines Day to you too Rachel and how lucky you are to have J to shower you in such lovely flowers :). I saw lots of men on the train this evening with bunches of red roses.

Also great to see Miff get a mention as I'd been wondering how she'd been doing.

And congratulations on setting a date and how lovely you'll be getting married in your dad's Church. Will he be marrying you and do we get to see a picture of the ring?

February 14, 2006 9:59 pm  

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