Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good reading...

Stumbling & Mumbling has a couple of good posts - 'does punishment deter?' and 'apologising for slavery: a puzzle'.

On the subject of prison, check out Jailhouse Lawyer, especially this post.

The London Review of Books has a good article by Ross McKibbin on the origins of New Labour and the Blair administration - 'Defeatism, defeatism, defeatism' ( thanks Dave B).

Gerry Adams on hot flushes and delusions, fresh from yesterday's historic power-sharing agreement. It is amazing. 'I never thought I'd see that in my lifetime' said a man who grew up in Ireland to me today.

And regarding vexed question of freedom of speech versus abuse, this is great ( thanks Helen, again) from 'Definition', on 'The Freedom to Insult'

'People have an unalienable right to be insulting for no reason, with no actual relevance to the sentiment they’re expressing, just because they can, without being questioned about it. This, truly, is the American Dream. The ideal the founding fathers meant to capture when they penned the US constitution was obviously that people be able to make insulting and pejorative remarks at any time with no repercussions, because the only way to actually communicate is through direct and indirect ad hominem attacks. Freedom of speech isn’t about protecting those who disagree with the government or popular ideals. It’s just about people’s right to be insulting..'

(Oh, and the 7/7 big news? Still waiting for reporting restrictions to lift. Couple of weeks, tops. Probably sooner. Hang on tight.)



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