Thursday, July 28, 2005

7/7/05 victims - get help here. I did.

I have just come back from visting the Family Liason Centre at 80 Vincent Square, Victoria. You can find information about it here from Disaster Action.
I've put info here too. If you were involved in the 7/7 attacks, please do drop in. It has a lot of useful resources and helpful, kind people. And free cake and sandwiches. Open 8am-10pm.

7th July Family Assistance Centre
Who is the centre for?

The centre is for all those affected by the events of 7th July.
In particular it is for relatives and friends of those who have died, or are still missing, and survivors, whether or not physically injured.
It has been set up by those responding to the disaster, as a single point of information and assistance.
The centre is secure and private.
It is where:
Information about those who have died, are missing or were injured can be given and received by the authorities
Updates on the investigation are made available
Those who have been affected can get access to support services such as financial, legal, emotional
What else is available?
The opportunity for a personal meeting with a police family liaison officer
Regular updated information
Help with accommodation and travel can be arranged
Assistance in making contact with appropriate agencies and resolving problems
Multi-faith and multi-cultural contact
Emotional support
Internet and telephone facilities
Medical care and mobility aids
Financial help
Legal advice
Information leaflets about bereavement and further sources of support
Travel advice can be obtained from the TfL travel informationcall centre tel 020 7222 1234.
Among the agencies represented at the centre:
Metropolitan Police Service
Family Liaison Officers
British Red Cross
CRUSE Bereavement Care
Health Service
Salvation Army
Social Services from Westminster
City Council and surrounding boroughs
Transport for London Incident Care Team
Victim Support
The Family Assistance Centre has now relocated to:
Lindley Hall (Royal Horticultural Halls and Centre)
80 Vincent Square

They were very good indeed at the Centre ( hint: look for the yellow signs to find it) . I spoke - well, ranted - to a lady from Victim Support about how I was feeling, got a leaflet about how to claim for compensation for injuries and trauma sustained via a criminal attack ( which 7/7 was). I had several cups of tea and a cake, and was made to feel most welcome. I was also given a hand and shoulder massage by a nice Red Cross lady. And they paid for a cab home.

More victim info: You can also get information about C.I.C.A ( Criminal Injuries Compensation authority HERE ( Click this)., You should think about seeing your GP if you haven't already, so your medical records show that you have been involved in the trauma of the bombings.

I am going to tell the other survivors about it tomorrow when we meet for drinks in Islington at 7pm. If anyone reading this was on the Kings Cross train please leave a message on the blog and I will get in touch with you about the drinks if you want to meet other survivors who have made contact with me via this blog and urban 75 and the BBC website.

I am hopeful that discovering the existence of this centre will allow me to be relieved from some of the duties of being a bit of a focal point for survivors and mean I can pass them to a place where they will find help that others are better qualified to give. I have been overwhelmed to have other survivors get in touch, and it has been very moving. It has been quite a responsibility though.

I am feeling better today for having shared some of my worries with others, and I am hoping that at the drinks tomorrow I will be able to become just someone who is part of the group of survivors rather than the organiser, since organising people is something I find quite stressful. But I think that talking to others from the train will be good and it is something that I have heard from many people - they want to talk to others who were there. So hopefully we can all lean on each other a bit tomorrow evening and it will help us all move on.

I want my life back! But I know it will take a bit of time and I need to be patient. The holiday will help, I'm going to look at places in Turkey tonight.

NEWS FLASH:Police have just caught one of the would-be bombers!


I am feeling happier today. Seven hours sleep, thanks to Nightol. Had a nightmare about the smoke on the train which woke me up, but it was still much better waking up this morning than it has been for a while.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel -
Very glad to see you're planning a holiday! I hope it does you a world of good.

Regarding the victim support centre: I think one of the reasons you've been so effective as a focal point for other survivors is that blogs and other on-line community forums are such an effective way for people to get in touch - open at all hours, don't have to face anyone, don't have to think about what someone thinks of you or your feelings, etc. If you want to shift that responsibility away from yourself, maybe you could suggest to the victim centre that they set up a list serve/on-line group/blog spot that _they_ run so you don't have to. We use the Yahoo and Google group functions for a variety of different organizations, it's great. Easy to set up, and gives people a very direct way to participate and connect with each other.

Best wishes from California.

July 28, 2005 12:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello rachel,

took thursday off...needed a break from the old grind...

sounds like your feeling better and i that i hope your were able to relax a little...and that your pub meeting went well.too bad they didnt have this family support centre setup in ny after 9/11..they did provide assistance,but it was pieced together and hodpoged...

it also sounds like the authorities are really earning their pay-they have made numerous arrests.

i think that going to turkey would be a great parents went 10 years ago and they said it was fabulous and a trip of a lifetime.

you had mentioned in a previous post about fox news and other media...and i just found out...

we get the BBC world news every weeknight at 8 pm (our time)

i have been told that the british soap opera "eastenders" is also on.
and...i can listen to the BBC radio over the internet which is really cool...and the music and talk choices are far superior to anything here in new york.

and last nite, the cartoon "the simpsons" was on.. and the episode was about the simpons going to london,being greeted by tony blair- he really did the guest voice-and because homer cant drive on the left,he winds up crashing onto buckingham palace and knocking over the queen's royal carraige !!! i laughed so hard the tears fell from my eyes.

by the way, i dont know if i had mentioned previously..i have been to london three times, in 1973 as a child,in 1979..and my last trip was in 1985...i stayed at a hotel called "the metropole" which i think was walking distance of edgware road station.and marble arch?id like to return to london for a visit,alas my passport is expired..

sorry for the long post,but dont know if u have an email account..take care and enjoy the weekend..


seth :)

July 29, 2005 4:33 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...

Hello Carol and Seth

thanks for your frinedly remarks. You may be pleased to know that a Kings Cross United website group thing is being set up by Jane, one of the Kings Cross United people who works with People Who Know How To Do These Things.

Glad you are enjoying the British media Seth. I am fond of the Simpsons as is' John' ( Bart et al and the football are on all the time in our flat).

Do come out for a pint next time you come to London, either of you.

Have to go as the garden needs watering, urgently, and it's almost too damn dark to see what I'm doing but I had better go and throw some buckets about and hope for the best or my tomatoes will die on me

R x

August 02, 2005 12:00 am  
Blogger Dr. Deb said...


This is such a great resource list. You are doing such important work here.


October 11, 2005 12:16 am  

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