Saturday, July 23, 2005

Deaths in Egypt. And the 'logic' of suicide terrorism

Many dead. 83 in fact. Ordinary people, Egyptians, holiday makers, divers, tourist industry workers. An Al-Q hate group claims responsibility.
There is no glory in bombs, no 'warrior' would use such a weapon. There isn't even a coherent philosophy behind this murderousness these days. Just hate and maiming and death and and fear, and the innocent 'soft targets' shocked and bleeding and dying. Murderous death-fetishists: where does it get you? What are you hoping to achieve?

Edit: As it happens, people were talking about this on Urban 75 forums. And this interesting link was given ( From 'American Conservative' of all places).

The Logic of Suicide Terrorism
It’s the occupation, not the fundamentalism

Last month, Scott McConnell caught up with Associate Professor Robert Pape of the University of Chicago, whose book on suicide terrorism, Dying to Win, is beginning to receive wide notice. Pape has found that the most common American perceptions about who the terrorists are and what motivates them are off by a wide margin. In his office is the world’s largest database of information about suicide terrorists, rows and rows of manila folders containing articles and biographical snippets in dozens of languages compiled by Pape and teams of graduate students, a trove of data that has been sorted and analyzed and which underscores the great need for reappraising the Bush administration’s current strategy. Below are excerpts from a conversation with the man who knows more about suicide terrorists than any other American


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