Friday, July 22, 2005

Suicidal 'martyrs' foiled by ineptitude

It has to be said: that was a completely rubbish attempt to blow up London. It is blackly comic that the bombers failed and ran away. Trailing wires.

People in London appear to be fed up at having to walk home again but are already laughing at the hopeless 'bombers'. As a 'wave of terror convulsing infidel-infested London at all four points of the compass' goes, that was a wet fart.

The whisky is having a cheering effect and Jane is coming round for tea. The fact that the bombers tried and failed has made me feel much more positive, more positive than I have felt for 3 days. In a slightly hysterical way.

And now the police have 4 devices made of the same stuff as 7/7 to examine, in semi-working order. Which must be handy.

John still at work though. Says it'll be a late one. Damn. I could rather do with him here. To say the least. I want to hug him.


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