Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well, here it is: the Obama 30 min ad

I'll review it, and update response to it when I've watched it.

update: rippling corn, long roads, anxious yet smiling faces in crowds, flags waving, kids, parents...woman who can't afford healthcare...and the ad keeps stopping. Argh.

Obama in suit, making speech at DNC, talking about waitresses dependent on tips who need to take day off to care for sick child... cut to him in West Wing-looking study.

'Country in trouble, one month ago bottom fell out, worst economic crisis since Depression, final verdict on 8 years of failed policies...the financial rescue plan was 'a step in right direction' and as President I'll ensure you, the tax payers are paid back first...but we need a rescue plan for middle class families..right now...cut taxes for every working family earning less than $200k a year ( so we've dropped $50k and now it's families, not individuals - RN)

...businesses get tax credits for new employees taken on right here in the US...drop tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas...freezing foreclosures for home owners making 'good faith' efforts for 90 days ( this is all very politician-ish/lawyerly, I can sniff the loop holes now but fair enough as January 20th is a while away and God knows what'll happen in the next few months...planning the budget right now is impossible - RN)...low cost loans for small businesses...( 'just like after 9/11') keeps economy going..restores fairness...fulfils commitment to US people.

Pensioner, in an audience of seniors, says to Obama 'Help me'. Explains he is getting $379 a month, his pension should be $1500 a month. 'You earned your pension...that wasn't a gift. You gave up money from your wages, to set aside for your retirement' says Obama. He says 'time and time again we see companies who owe their workers...shedding those obligations, and when you make a commitment, to workers...those aren't idle promises...those are promises that should have the force of law.'

'Thank you' says the pensioner, with dignity. It's poignant.

Obama to camera. Americans don't expect Government to solve problems. Not looking for a handout. ( See! Not a socialist indulging parasitical layabouts with your hard-earned cash, voters! - RN). He shakes hands with workers in hard hats, says they should be able to retire with some dignity and respect.

Ted Strickland, Ohio Gov. says Obama is going to be 'a Democrat in the Presidency who actually cuts taxes' for those who need it, struggling families. Reiterates point about 'holding accountable' companies who 'take advantage of tax breaks' by sending jobs offshore. Governor of Kansas talks about 'common-sense, mid-western way' of getting things done and talks of Obama's Kansas roots. (Boy, are they ever pressing every button - this is extremely well done - RN). Massachusetts Governor talks about 'big challenges...we need big thinking' as Obama walks down a corridor, into an outdoor rally'. 'A problem solver who thinks big, a once in a generation kind of leadership' explains the Gov. Blimey.

It keeps crashing, so I'm giving up, will try again tomorrow.



Blogger Gridlock said...

That's 200k in taxable income too, and when you think that almost everything, from mortgage interest to healthcare to political donations is deductible this does mean that you'd have to be earning at least 120k gbp before your tax is likely to rise.

Bloody communist!

October 30, 2008 9:06 am  
Blogger Pat Patterson said...

Political donations cannot be claimed as a deduction by the donor and the recipient, as long as they are used strictly for political activities, does not have to pay income tax on these monies.

October 31, 2008 10:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just watched it. It's a very clever ad, and I can see why he did it. I was worried that it might be overkill as well, and maybe it was, but you have to look at it through American rather than European eyes. We're more cynical over this side of the pond. Americans lap this kind of thing up.

The thing is that the McCain and GOP campaign has concentrated a great deal on scaremongering tactics. They can't focus on his colour, so they focus on his middle name. They say "you don't know who Barack Obama is, he's different, he's other, he's not like you."

This ad was squarely focussed on saying, yes he is, he's just like you, he shares your values, he knows what made America great and he wants to make it great again.

And the thing that did impress me about it, is that while McCain tours the country and every sentence that comes out of his mouth contains Obama's name and all the bad things he's going to do and what has now become his catchphrase, "I'm not going to let him do that to you," this entire thirty minute ad did not mention John McCain once. Didn't even mention his name. Didn't even mention Bush's name and only once referred to him obliquely with the words "eight years of failed policies."

This wasn't about why they would be bad, it was about why he would be good. And having just returned from the States and seen some of the utterly vicious attack ads that have been running almost non-stop on the television over there, that was refreshing.

November 01, 2008 9:55 am  
Blogger Autolycus said...

And we used to turn our noses up at US-style short ads rather than our worthy (and wordy) PPBs....

It's all rather reminiscent of the pre-1997 Labour campaigns, all that touching base with "real people" examples, and trying to stifle the negatives without drawing attention to them. I just wonder if it really retained the attention of the people it needed to attract.

November 01, 2008 11:33 am  
Blogger kris said...

Think about it: David Lammy MP has more experience in Government than Obama...

Hey, how much time did I swear up and down that he was a media creation, that I was NEVER gonna vote for Barack Insane Obama and that Hillary was my gal.

I was tempted by McCain, and then he went nuts: picking Palin, making faces in debates and having no answers.

I absentee voted for Obama a few weeks ago. By rights, he shouldn't have gotten this far. That should tell you how damn SICK of Repub bs Americans are.

This Hillary supporting PUMA voted for Obama. No regrets.

McCain just want good enough.

So spend the money Barack. Do it.

November 02, 2008 12:50 pm  

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