Monday, October 27, 2008

Troy Davis has had a last-minute execution reprieve. His attourneys have 15 days to prove they can meet stringent requirements to continue his appeal process.

The US Election may yet be stolen by the Republicans with vote-suppression tactics. It is starting to make US mainstream media with CNN covering instances of voting problems.

I have now been ill for eight days and am sick to death of it.


Blogger Pat Patterson said...

I know this might seem piling on but Greg Palast's article in the Rolling Stone didn't further identify Paul Maez as a leader of the Democratic Party in San Miguel County, New Mexico, who has his own election problems for accepting money, while he was the County Clerk, from another Democratic candidate out of primary election funds, a no-no, to use in get out the vote drives in the county and other parts of New Mexico. Hardly a naif. And Palast didn't mention, note Maez was surprised to find himself not on the registration rolls not that he didn't get to vote, was that New Mexico is a caucus state and their was no primary. So I'm at a loss as to what exactly Mr. Palast is describing considering the caucuses are run by the host party not the county. After the election results were delayed interminably the NM Democrats were forced to issue an apolgy for completely screwing up the voting. If there was any shredding and there has not been one fact confirming this destruction then it was done by a Democratic administration in NM. Not the Republicans, unless they had secretly taken over the Democratic Party in Mexico and by wearing bolos, turguoise and Hecho en Mexico belt buckles to blend in with the other Democrats.

October 29, 2008 3:18 am  

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