Monday, December 17, 2007

The Real Spooks

BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera looks into the shadowy world of Britain's security services, forced into radical change after 9/11.
Was the service ready for the events of 7/7 and what is it doing to prevent another terrorist attack?
You can listen to the programme on 7/7 here using the BBC 'Listen again' service

Regular readers will know I have campaigned for an independent inquiry into 7/7 for over two years now with other survivors and families. At present, I can't say much about what is going on as the matter is sub judice.

This programme has been signed off by the security services, and as someone who used to work on advertorials I am sitting here listening, thinking how I recognise the form. That isn't being over-cynical, I think. There are some key quotes which bear further analysis because they are very telling and when I have time, I will go into it again and write more. But it is hard, because I can't say much at the moment, for legal reasons, ( because we are in a litigation position with the Government regarding a Judicial Review about the matter of a 7/7 inquiry) and also because I haven't got much time to blog right now with one thing and another. I'm going to rattle off some overdue posts now and beg your understanding for being so tardy with emails and call-backs and Christmas cards - I've been out of the office and have a backlogged in-tray which I hope to get through in the next few days before the Christmas break.

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