Friday, November 23, 2007

Another blow to proposed extension of detention without charge

So the ex Attorney General, the Director of Public Prosecutions, and both Shadow Home Secretaries have all said that they do not support the Government's proposed increase in holding people for more than 28 days without charging them with any crime.

Reports here and here.

And now Jonathan Evans, the Head of M15 has said that he has

''...refused to support the Government's planned extension, telling the MPs it was not a matter for him. One security source said: "This is up to the police and the DPP. We just provide the intelligence – it is up to them what they do with it. There may be some cases where it would be helpful, but no one should think it's a magic wand."

Mr Evans also told the MPs that MI5 backed the principle of using phone-tap evidence from investigations as long as the methods could be protected.

Ms Smith, Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, and Lord Carlile of Berriew, the independent regulator of terrorism legislation, are the only witnesses to the committee to have backed the extension. One committee source said: "It's not exactly an overwhelming case."

No, it isn't.

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