Saturday, June 23, 2007

Reflections on The Hendo's blog

There have been a lot of yellow police signs asking the public for information around where I live recently. Stabbings, mostly, assaults, the occasional shooting. The latest one at the end of my road is for a fatal accident; a lorry hit a woman who was crossing the road. The shopkeeper whom I am mates with said it was terrible, but the only thing he took out of it that was positive was that at least it was an accident, not a murder, for a change.
Meanwhile, 21st century life in South London can be scary. Hendo writes in his blog, 'Reflections of The Hendo' about an alarming incident where a young man banged on his door asking for help. He had just been relieved of his keys, PIN, address, bank details by three men who held a knife to his throat and a gun to his head. The police, thankfully, turned up within minutes
Reading around on Hendo's blog, looking for happier news, I discovered these wonderful reviews by the British public of Katie 'Jordan' Price and Peter Andre's album, which I am grateful to Hendo for pointing out to me.
Which in turn reminds me of this 90's flowchart that I laughed at yesterday, c/o a poster on urban 75. (Urban 75 is how I know Hendo.) Anyway, after commenting yesterday about the mugging, I was surprised to find out that Hendo had never had a comment before, so if anyone wants to go and comment on his blog, I'm sure he'd be chuffed.



Blogger Electric said...

In case it wasn't attributed there, that flowchart is from the excellent webcomic xkcd. (You may need to find a friendly geek to explain some of the jokes ;) )

June 29, 2007 1:09 pm  

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