Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rape victim of foreign reoffender to speak out?

Rumour has it that a rape victim of one of the reoffending should-have-been-deported-after-serving-sentence criminals at the centre of the row engulfing Mr. Clarke is going to speak out and tell her story. Something that I thought might happen when I wrote this post. And if so, surely fatal to Mr. Clarke's tenure as Home Secretary.

UPDATE: Blair refuses to rule out Clarke's departure. And he walked out, remember, when Clarke gave his statement to the commons, leaving Mr. Clarke to face the Commons alone. (Which I thought was mean, and two-faced, and typical) . Save Charles! says Justin. Or else we'll end up with Dr. John 'Patronisng Bastard'/mates with Karadzic' Reid. Argh. Back by dope demand? Noooo...

UPDATE 2: Sunday Times - 'Rape Victim: Why Clarke Must Go'. Well, yes. Huge kicking has ensued in the Sunday Times, and everywhere else, and I can't see it letting up 'til it's over. People are furious.


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