Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Heaven is Not a Brothel

or The Hoor's Last Sigh. What a fascinating blog.

'What is the incentive for any man to his portion of the Earthly Eternal Feminine if he has access to the The Hoor in Paradise? Why bother to lay his spirit on the desert to keep the Muslima’s cracked heel from bleeding? Why drape her with protection instead of cheap cotton? Why, fundamentally, love the woman of the world at all; and as such, love life? No, The Hoor makes this impossible, and for my love of the Muslima I will murder The Hoor. For having had an appetite of the Muslima’s flesh perhaps I am a sinner, but in that pursuit a curious thing happened — I came to learn of her heart, which is sweet like pomegranates, and far more satisfying. If I should find myself in Paradise I will not whet my longing in a subservient Hoor’s dispassionate embrace. I will wish for immersion in the Muslima’s crooked smile. In her cantankerous elbow. In her happy knees. In her supined feet. Let Paradise be a celebration of woman’s inadequacy, because we men have been the greatest one...'

If, like me, you are fascinated by provocative ideas, beautiful writing, theological discussions, then I think you will enjoy this frequently-poetic, usually-controversial, always-passionate blog.

Take a ride .



Blogger kobwebby said...

Ah, the return of the Goddess.

March 28, 2007 3:31 pm  

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