Thursday, June 08, 2006

A few things to share...

People have been reflecting on the London Assembly report. I am still reading it, mostly late at night, it doesn't make it easy to sleep. This is a lovely article, following the London Assembly report and the testimony of individuals, although it made me cry it also made me proud , and this, from the Daily Mail, of all places, is harrowing. The commenter, Alison Pearson is supportive of survivor's calls for a public enquiry.

Justin at Chicken Yoghurt has asked the PM a good question. I found Blair's answers depressingly glib and polished. I think he really believes that he is right, and criticism just bounces off him. Nothing can get through any more. Maybe it is how he copes.

Last night I met a 7th July survivor who is still in hospital. His courage and calmness in the face of terrible injuries after his near-death, and how he faces a life utterly changed are humbling and inspiring and put my own worries into perspective. We talked for three hours in his hospital room, where he has spent endless, boring, painful hours since last summer. He wants a public enquiry, very badly. And I and others will do what I can to help him get one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is alot of talk going on on three other newspaper threads about you losing it and having a breakdown.
Is this true?

What are we to make of this talk about tin foil hats please.

June 09, 2006 2:40 am  

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