Tuesday, June 06, 2006

London Assembly 7/7 Report - news coverage

Well, I think we got our points across. We organised so that we had someone on every channel, on every news programme. That was round one. There will be more.

Today, the papers are covering the lessons of July 7th in some detail.
The Times, on how plans were informed by 9/11, on the emergency planning failures, the terrible untold stories, leading article London lessons.
The Guardian on chaos leads for calls for public enquiry, Survivor's Stories, Q&A, Intelligence needed, Emergency services criticised, survivor John Tulloch
The Financial Times on 7/7 communication problems
The Telegraph on radio failure, 'It was like you'd imagine hell to be'
The Independent on individual heroism and official incompetence, failings 'unacceptable, vital lessons from a terrible day
The Daily Mail
The Sun
The Mirror, '6000 victims', Voice of the Mirror
BBC Survivor's Views, report failings
The Washington Post
Associated Press

The London Assembly report in full
The petition for a public enquiry, which anyone can sign, wherever you live, is here


Blogger . said...

The only thing the Guardian seems to have missed is that instead of calling for an independent inquiry they seemingly instead asking for the intelligence and security committee to be beefed up. I'd suggest sending a letter, although it is of course up to you.

June 06, 2006 5:25 pm  

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