Thursday, April 13, 2006

London Assembly 7/7 Survivor testimony

The transcript of the 23rd March meeting that I and 12 others gave evidence at is now available to read online. You can also see the webcast here. It was part of a series of meetings chaired by Richard Barnes of the London Assembly, and the report of the Committe will be presented to the Government and the public in May, with its recommendations.

The survivors' transcript is dated 23rd March; you can also read about the emergency services and the phone networks in earlier meetings. As well as our public testimony, there is also the testimony of survivors and bereaved given privately which will be incorporated into the final report. I hope that some good comes of it, it was an emotionally shattering, but hopefully worthwhile day.


Blogger fjl said...

Great to be able to read the survivors transcript, I have added it to faves. Very moving and interesting. I like it that the survivors' agency is located exactly where Sickert had secret studio, in Charlotte Street, in the Fenian days. xx He'd have liked that xx. History has it's way of rearing its head sometimes!
I have spent alot time there.

April 13, 2006 5:48 pm  

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