Sunday, April 09, 2006

Rev. Julie Nicholson and Sunday Times forgiveness article

An inspiring interview with Rev. Julie Nicholson, whose daughter was killed on the 7 July bombings can be found in the Sunday Times today, titled 'The Good That Came From Grief'. Alongside it is 'Finding Peace', an edited version of the article on forgiveness that I wrote some weeks ago.

The full version of my Sunday Times article on forgiveness'The F-word' (with links to fellow-survivors' thoughts) can be found here, and the background 'Rachel's Story', about 7/7/05 - the bomb - and 16/7/02 - the rape and beating - which I wrote last year, here. This is where I first began to explore the theme of forgiveness.

Readers of this blog's thoughts on forgiveness can be found here, and some intesting links here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there - very interesting BBC Radio 4 Program. I have no answers just would ask the Rev. Julie to think about parents of children who have committed suicide and even those whose children who at one time may have been totally normal and extra bright but who may have committed suicide suffering from mental conditions which have left them with 'reduced responsibility for their actions'. As a parent of a 25 year old male child in one of the two categories above - it is extremely hard to know whether one is responsible or not. You might find it difficult to forgive a bomber who blew up your child rather like a deranged drunk driver who could have been driving the wrong way down a motorway and happened to hit your child. What about somebody like me and statistics seem to show that numbers of people like me are growing - the only person we have left to forgive is ourselves - maybe my son killed himself (last year) because of me or because of the way I treated or mistreated his condition - although I loved him/love him very much. Does this have anything to contribute to the discussion on foregiveness. Please let me know what you think. Please post an answer to this email on the website where I can see it. Please investigate this further - maybe in a radio program. It is very important - thanks for reading this

November 09, 2008 10:13 am  

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