Friday, September 30, 2005

Fat Miff diet update

For all those who have seen the pictures of Miff, the fat tabby, ( scroll down the blog) and have enquired about how she is managing on her diet, here is the update.

Week 1: She absolutely hates it. She hates me, she hates J, if she had a suitcase she would pack it and leave. Brown-rice-based nutri-balanced healthy vet-endorsed Burns food for cats is not Go-Kat and this is pointed out several times an hour.She cries. She stares at us, hard. She rolls on the floor, mewing, waving her paws. She head-butts. And finally, she peed in the house in a rage. Twice.( She still ate the food through. With bad grace, and when she thought we weren't looking)

Week 2: She is noticeably more active and runs about the house in a mad bonkers way, skidding. She jumps on and off the garden wall chattering at the sparrows who spend the day shouting in the buddleia growing through the collapsing roof of the garage. She climbs on the keyboard when I am typing. She is even more affectionate than usual. Then she runs to her bowl, expectantly. When I eat she comes over and watches every mouthful, like a greedy labrador. She wakes me at 6.30am by jumping onto my head. Taking a flying leap from the floor. She uses the pillow as a trampoline.And runs back and forth across my face, heavily, with wet and smelly paws, until I get up and she chases me to her bowl and... there's still bloody food left in it.

Week 3: She has definitely lost some weight. She has however turned into a crazed killer and two days in a row we have come home to find a sad pile of feathers in the study. She was too fat to get on the garage roof and chase the noisy sparrows in the ivy before. Now two of them have fallen victim to the faster, sleeker, more deadly Miff. She is immensely pleased with herself, and is sitting at my feet purring noisily, like an engine.

I will keep you posted.


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