Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm back after a proper holiday in Anatolia with J. During which time we read lots of books, and spent the rest of the time sunbathing, swimming and sleeping. It was 44 degrees some days. Time passing slowly and easily, the heat making everything slow-motion, every sense heightened - bobbing ice-cube to the lips, blessed breeze lifting the hair on the nape of your neck, boom of surf upon pebbles, warm biscuit smell of tanned skin, sand in the spine of my book to fall on my pillow later. I took some non-fiction and political books but it was mostly thrillers and mysteries - rattling good entertainment.

Best beach reads: The Last Days of Newgate and The Revenge of Captain Paine, the first two Pike mysteries from Andrew Pepper. Atmospheric, gripping, vivid exploits of an 1830's anti-hero who stands along any of the most vivid characters in hard-boiled crime fiction.

Also great : The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by GW Glalquist. Madcap rollicking breathless melodrama.

Best film: Vantage Point. Gripping, meticulously plotted ludicrous-conspiracy thriller with a fabulous cast.

Most disappointing film: the new Batman is nasty, brutal and too long. And extremely confused in plot and premise. Wish I'd gone to see Hellboy II instead.

Came back home and started shivering immediately - then my temperature went up several degrees when J and I discovered that the useless Kitchens Direct have messed up yet again. There has been a leak in the wooden cabinet under the sink that has warped the whole cupboard and nearly caused a fire pouring onto a switched on power point. All because a small piece of pipe near the U-bend was the wrong size, and the fitter couldn't be bothered, and bodged it, and taped it with gaffer tape and shoved it in. The hardware shop 3 minutes walk away sells the correct size pipe for £3. Replacing the cupboard, tiles, and worksurface all of which have been wrecked by the drip, then flood from the leaky pipe will cost Kitchens Direct over £1000. Argh.

J has a few more days off still. We are watching the Olympics. Despite saying I wasn't going to, the simple human drama of it all - all those obsessive, driven, sculpted people, dedicating their lives to this one moment - and their reactions afterwards if they win or lose - is compelling.

At the moment I see that it is the beach volley-ball semis. The women teams wear extremely small bikinis and jewellery. It seems only reasonable that the men should have to wear speedoes and medallions. However, it seems that this is not the case.


I'm still drifting in holiday mode, though the sun is no longer shining. I'll get back to work properly next week; this week I'm just catching up on the email backlog, doing admin, and curling up with my honey on the sofa. Notting Hill carnival marks the end of summer next weekend and that's fine with me. It's good to change rhythm and after the recharge, I know work will feel good again.


Blogger zoe said...

Welcome back Rachel and I'm glad that you enjoyed your holiday, although coming back to the on-going saga in your kitchen can't be too much fun, to say the least. Enjoy the rest of your holiday together before you start work again.

August 19, 2008 12:14 pm  
Blogger Gene said...

PMI, but .. 44C or 44F?

I'm assuming 44C since it's summer time, in which case that's SCORCHING HOT!

-gene, in Texas (23C now)

August 19, 2008 5:22 pm  
Blogger Andy Ramblings said...

Ooo Welcome back!

I agree with you on the Batman film, far too long and warped story.

Hellboy 2 is pretty good though follows nicely from the first one. A bit mad, but good.

August 19, 2008 10:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the beach volleyball mens' team wear. It's only fair!!! Where is the IOCC on this?!?

I've had to stave my despair with looking at the mens US swimming team shucking the top of their uni-suits after a meet.

And thank the Fates that the mens divers still wear Speedo's.

August 20, 2008 5:51 am  
Blogger seth said...

hi rachel,

44 celsius is 111 degrees farenheit..yikes..

sounds like you had a nice holiday but alas that kitchen company is a disaster yet again.im trained as a plumber(among many other things) and you NEVER force a pipe thats not the right size in a u-bend..ever.I hope you can sue these oafs as you and j have been thru more than enough.

this past week has been so cool in ny that i have been able to sleep at nite with an open window.anything to stick it to national greed,oops grid :)

the sunset is setting around 730 pm-45 minutes earlier than at summers peak.so fall isnt far behind.

spent today cleaning my apt-oops flat from top to bottom. started at 1030am and went all day except for a 30min lunch. i stopped because i ran out of cleaning supplies and have to pick some more up later. theres still around an hours worth of work to be done.

as of wednesday i will be on holiday till the day after labor day.cant wait.

ta ta for now,


p.s i think those women volleyball players are hot,as bart would say," ay caramba". :)

August 23, 2008 10:11 pm  
Anonymous Laura Dickerson said...

The tiny speedos for men seem to be reserved for the diving competitions.

August 25, 2008 3:34 pm  

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