Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Arms and the unborn

Here's the 18 Doughty St 10pm 'Vox Politics' show last night, where we talked about the arms trade and abortion, amongst other things, in a rather thoughtful programme. You can watch their political programming free on their 'watch again' service ( I quite often have it minimised and listen to it like a radio show whilst I work). There is some good stuff on there, (I always try to catch Peter Tatchell and the Nick Cohen interview was infuritating but informative ). I am glad 18DS is shrugging off the 'Tory TV' tag, and that they have dropped their awful 'attack ads', which didn't help them at all. The more people get involved in 'internet political TV' and 'citizen journalism', the better. There are more and more opportunities now for people to debate, engage, campaign and have a voice. If you don't like what you hear and see, join the debate. It beats hurling cushions at the TV when the news is on. I am not a Tory, but I welcome the chance to debate with other people of all political persuasion when I get invited onto the sofa.



Blogger Andre said...

I've just watched the programme (like you I have it minimised and listen to their great programming). Anyway, great show - hope to see you again on 18DS :)

July 17, 2007 11:39 am  

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