Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I can't write too much. I'm sorry, I'm so, so tired.

I will write, later. When I can do justice to it, then I will.

Here. And here is what I said, before the service. It was a trade off: I'll give you what you want, leave us alone on the day. They still called though.

I will write more, about the service, later but I am so tired.

For the first time, I was able to cry, properly. I am glad about that. It meant so very much.

I met Tom, the brave driver, I met Steve, the police officer who ran down the carriage and who helped hundreds of us off the train. 'Ladies and gentlemen', he said...

... and that was when we knew we were safe.

It was overwhelming, and it was a blessing, and it was so sad. And I am crying now, writing these few sentences.

I am so very lucky to be here. That's enough, for today.


Anonymous Beth said...

{big virtual hug}

I don't think I can say anything other than that.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about the day.


November 02, 2005 9:57 pm  
Blogger John said...

Rachel, sorry to be off topic, but my daughter passed your blog on to me, to see if I could fix it for you.

The only problems I can see, after taking out the pictures, are;

BombsBombsBombsBombs needs to be made shorter;

And the link for... etc;

needs to be shortened to fit the blog space.

Give it a try and see if it comes into line.

PS. I love your blog.

November 03, 2005 5:11 am  
Blogger The Station Supervisor said...

I hope your ok and that this can help towards the end to another chapter of your memories of that day.

November 03, 2005 9:45 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry about us, you take your time to grieve properly. It's taken 5 months to come out, so let it do just that. When you're ready, take a deep breath, tell us what and how you feel and let us know how we can help.

Until then, take care and add another hug to the growing list.

All the best,


November 03, 2005 12:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel

Here's another hug for you.

You say you're lucky to be here - I think we're the lucky ones to have an amazing and brave lady such as you here.

Take care of yourself now.

love Nicky

November 03, 2005 12:45 pm  
Blogger Leigh said...

Rachel--You've done it. You've survived, and you have handled this in the best way possible--helping others through their pain, as you've worked through your own. Hopefully now you can slowly step away from this chapter and look forward.

Like Nicky, I think we are the lucky ones. You are an extraordinary person.

Much love, L.

November 03, 2005 3:30 pm  
Anonymous seth said...

hello rachel,

i echo the words of beth and leigh...i can imagine how difficult the memorial service must have been...all those memories flooding back.

((hugs)) seth

November 03, 2005 4:27 pm  
Blogger funny thing said...

I read an article yesterday on the bbc news site about how survivers from the bombing had become friends.
It makes you think, doesn't it? How many people that you walk past today are potential friends. Obviously none of us have the time or energy to be able to to make a meaningful contribution to many more people in our lives - we've got limits.
However, it's good to see that you're getting support from people out there who are all not bastards!
It's funny how life can turn out.

November 03, 2005 6:01 pm  
Anonymous seth said...

hi rachel,

just watched the video with your BBC go that cockney accent !!! seth :)

November 04, 2005 8:33 pm  

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