Sunday, July 05, 2009

Links round up

Noticed online this week...

Sarah Palin resigns! Gosh darn it! Like millions of people all over the world I was completely agog at the bizarrely-entertaining but actually-quite-scary Sarah Palin soap opera of a campaign last summer and autumn. And now, post a triumphantly rabid Pro-Life redmeat tour in the US, covered in a hard-hitting Vanity Fair article which apparently caused senior Republican incandescence she's suddenly resigned in a blaze of publicity, rambling quotes and running shorts picture opportunties. Why do I feel that the story does not end here? The Daily Kos has suspicions too...and as usual, Alaskan blog Mudflats has all the gossip.

In the Guardian: Ben Goldacre does sterling work uncovering how an MSc dissertation was twisted to peddle rape myths. If you haven't checked out Flat Earth News by Nick Davies and Bad Science by Ben Goldacre, this summer might be a good time.

Blogging...Bird of Paradox on transphobia, Diamond Geezer goes on a visit to a Victorian townshouse with a chatty cook whose a master had a penchant for saucy photographs, PC Bloggs on when it's inappropriate to comment, and finally - hurray! Justin 'Chicken Yoghurt' has got married! Congratulations!

I'm still easing back into blogging. Work's busy, so there's not much time in the week. Spent ten days with friends in a farmhouse deep in the Dourdogne countryside in June, and being internet and mobile-free was delightful. We pottered and swam a lot and played scrabble when it rained and ate our way through several manificently smelly cheeses. J and I still pounced on the day-old UK papers when we found them, however. And I pined a little for Newsnight - the Iranian election rebellion was in full swing and I wanted to follow events, crossing my fingers and humbled by the bravery of protestors demanding that their vote count.



Blogger Graham the Funky Aardvark said...

Wow, two fine reads, worth waiting for.

Good to see you back, and refreshed after your break.

Take care

July 05, 2009 7:51 pm  
Anonymous seth said...

hi rachel,
if anyone was the queen of the internet and the mobile (cellular) phone i nominate you.

hope all is going well with u and j. so glad june is over-it rained like there was no tomorrow. its sunny and 83degrees (F) as i write.

seth :)

July 06, 2009 8:44 pm  

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