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More book reviews

I have belatedly checked my incoming blog traffic stats and realised that I owe another debt of gratitude to several more bloggers who have written some very thoughtful reviews of the book. I will link them in the side bar with the other blogger reviews and once again, say how very thankful I am to everyone who has taken the time to read Out of the Tunnel , and even more grateful to those who also opted to review it, on their blogs or on amazon.
First up Solaris, who has just started a new blog. Solaris first trailed the book and then wrote a full review here.
'Unleashed for a few moments from the chronology of her tale, we get a glimpse here of what this writer can do - and it's musical and rhythmic and evocative. She has novels in her.

And when she comes to write those novels, let's hope she retains the characteristic which makes 'Out of the Tunnel' ultimately so powerful - the third 'way in' to this book. This is its humanity, its compassion, its themes of the search for 'connection'. Its understanding of the unity and inseparability of us all and the unspoken longing we have to join with one another - to support and be supported, to understand and to be understood, to love and be loved.'
Next, my thanks to Victoria at Eve's Alexandria, who also trailed the book here and then wrote a full review here
'Her deft journalistic style captures the sheer horror of the moment: the confusion, the darkness, the panic, the unearthly screaming. It makes for devastating reading and, I'm sure, for devastating writing too. '

'...she lays herself bare with honesty and clarity, giving a window onto what it is like to be in the same carriage as tragedy. Certainly it is not the most polished memoir I have read: Rachel has a tendency to repeat herself, both phrases and episodes, and sometimes her chronology is confusing and confused. Occasionally, she inserts information too swiftly or without enough context. But I don't think this detracts from what is an incredibly raw, moving and ultimately hopeful personal account of the aftermath of the bombs. At times she perfectly captures the essentials[...] I whole-heartedly recommend it.'

Thanks to Stratford Girl , who follows Brennig Jones great review with another very thoughtful critique ( both Brenning and Stratford Girl also picks up on the repetition, which is both a fault of the book, and a symptom of PTSD which tends to induce a shocked, repetitive, tunnel-vision outlook)
'I would definitely recommend “Out of the Tunnel” to other people. Rachel’s words flow so easily. She describes the rape in such a powerful way that I actually felt scared. Her description of what happened inside the tube carriage on 7th July provides an insight into what it was really like for the people who were there. '

Secrets and Subterfuge has a very personal take on the book here, which I found very affecting. I won't quote, just invite you to go and read it.

And finally Pukecochic has written a beautiful poem for Mum, and my family.

Bless you all for your kindness. (If you have reviewed it and I haven't linked you, please let me know so I can sort that out as Technorati is a bit rubbish at picking up links). And to everyone else who has written to me, left comments, linked and sent good wishes over the last few weeks - thank you. I have been incredibly touched and moved by how people have reached out and I really am grateful. I am still writing back to everyone. It is pretty emotional. It is also a great privilege.
UPDATE: more reviews and reaction - Julie Howell
'I really hope many women will read Rachel North's book and see just how strong women are, and understand that Rachel is all of us. We are all capable of acting and reacting just as she did that day. What sets Rachel apart is the gift of speaking out, and speaking out 'in the right way' to make sure her story maintained its own integrity.'
and Lionheart, who is of a less liberal persusasion than I and makes some forceful points later on in his post
'If you have not read this book already, I can thoroughly recommend it. It just proves that despite the best efforts of the terrorists, even if they do cause deaths and horrific injuries, yet the spirit of courage and humanity will prevail.Us chaps are supposed to maintain a stiff upper lip, but there is absolutely no shame in stating that the tears were flowing whilst I read this book. Read it'.
UPDATE:More links! Thanks also to 'What's the Story in Dalamory'
'Out of the Tunnel is a moving account of survival by Rachel North. Harrowing stuff, but gripping with it.'
And a podcast, no less, by Parky London on This Week in London ( podcast 17)

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