Sunday, October 15, 2006

Anger. Yes, its another conspiracy theory vent.

A recurring theme this last year has been anger. Anger that the attacks happened, anger at the Government, anger and anxiety at where we seem to be headed. I guess this is all part of the process and to be expected. I don't have counselling,I don't take anti-depressants. I come here and I write, and I campaign, instead. And it helps.

I have noticed that one of the major triggers for my anger is what are known as conspiracy theorists. Before last summer, I had little idea that there was this whole other world of communities on the internet obsessing about what they think is a series of criminal cover-ups, lies and distortions, allegations of a shadowy sinister Power behind the scenes that controls Governments, people, business, markets, and which is a force for evil in this beautiful blue planet that we all share. Like many far-out theories that spread like wildfire, there is a grain of truth in it. Just as the greatest insults are those which have a small shred of truth in them. Power corrupts, politicians lie, there is spin and self interest and lies and deceit, and this has done much damage to trust and to truth. But there is a healthy cynicism, and then there is keeping your mind so open that your brain falls out (in a famous phrase attributed to many people over the years.)

I knew that there are some people who think the moon landings are faked, or have theories about the assasination of JFK, or that Elvis is still alive. I just thought of such people as harmless cranks, before this last year, if I thought of them at all. I had no idea of the ''9/11 Truth Movement'', or what was to come later, the 'July 7 Truth Movement'' - people who thought that the story behind the London bombings was very different to what they had heard on the news.

When I first came across people who were reading my blog, linking to my words, misquoting them and positing wild theories of their own, I was puzzled. Why were they so intent on questioning what they called ''the official version'' of what happened last summer ( even though there was no official version, just a series of police briefings on an ongoing investigation and a rolling, multi-sourced developing news story) . Did they doubt everything ever written or said by the mainstream media and the police, ever, or was there something unusual about the events of July 7 and September 11 that had them asking so many questions? Actually, it wasn't the question-asking that I had a problem with, but what seemed to be the agenda behind the questions. It was clear that there was a definite, yet vague theory informing everything, that the authors of these sites saw were selectively filtering what they saw and read to find anomalies and to jump on them and cry 'cover up! conspiracy!' .

Sometimes the agenda was blatant, sometimes it was more hidden. Much of it seemed to stem from a belief that huge numbers of people were being lied to, on a spectacular scale, and that 9/11 was the primary example of this. There was, I noticed, a worrying arrogance in amongst the paranoia; those who were self-styled ''Truth-seekers'' were the ''enlightened ones'', those who would not Believe in what they called ''the paradigm shift'' and the existence of ''synthetic terror'' were referred to with contempt, as sleeping ''sheeple''. There were mentions of Masons, Facism, Zionism, the New World Order. Searching through more sites devoted to this kind of thing, it got more and more bizarre. Numerology, Occultism, blatant anti-Semitism, claims that the planes flying into the WTC were holograms, that alien shape-shifting lizards secretly controlled the world via an elite cabal, allegations that they worshipped a Satanic owl-god at a secret US camp for the rich and powerful...I would follow the links, curious, wide-eyed, and then come up for air, shaking my head in disbelief.

At a time when the pace of life is faster than it has ever been, when theories can move across continents at the spoeed of thought, perhaps this Wild West of crazy ideas was the shadow side of the internet, with its unprecedented access offering all the ideas of anyone online, ever, anywhere, anytime. Perhaps, in an uncertain and secular age, this was nothing more than an attempt to impose a stable structure on a frightening and chaotic world. To use a phrase I first used a year ago, perhaps it was filling a God-shaped hole. I can see the attraction in such a search for answers. ( I just posted about it on urban 75 website, where arguments with what the site calls ''conspiraloons'' continue to rage.

''It strikes me that with almost all the CT ( conspiracy theory) sites I have visited, what you get is lots of anxious people channelling a vague sense of personal paranoia into a belief that if only they can peer through the Veil they will find the Truth, and the Truth will set them free.

The Truth most commonly posited in CT sites is that everything that is going wrong is all the fault of some global Evil entitity super-state-machine-thing. Believing this, and asking questions and having fun trying on various esoteric theories seems to fulfils a powerful psychological need in some people. It gives them a sense of 'a not-so-nice ordered world where nobody knows what's going on' - apart from them and their fellow 'truthseekers', and there is a comfort and a feeling of superiority in that. It's not your fault, it's not that you are depressed or paranoid, not as successful in life as you'd like. It's all the fault of the Evil Machine and its uncertainities and manipulations. You, the anxious internet truth hunter are thus off the hook, and you can amuse yourself by searching through endless theories, asking endless questions, feeding your innate paranoia and thus making yourself feel better for generally feeling a bit of an odd one out and always having had this creeping sense of alientation and doom. It's not you. It's Them. Your'e not wierd. You're Neo in The Matrix films.

So I say to the conspiracy theory fan: Play on the internet if if it makes you happier, ask endless questions, gad from theory to theory like a mayfly, but don't start trying to convert me to whatever your current fave set of doubts is today, or to expect me to have much patience with endless positing of doom-mongering possible sinister theories, asking of endless questions about ''the official version'' of everything, ever, when there's little or no evidence presented to back up these claims, apart from your own selective reading. And a general malaise of societal unease and anxiety that you've had since you were a nipper which you feed with the internet sites. Because it is just tiresome. Yes, asking questions, challenging authority is good. But not if asking the questions and then just asking another load of questions is the be-all and end-all of it all - never listening to the answers and considering them and using rationality and logic to form opinions. At some point, it stops being ''truth hunting'' or ''research'' and just becomes akin to OCD.

The world is a messy, fucked up, chaotic, beautiful place. It is what we make it. There is no shadowy force behind everything, it doesn't all link together, so if you ask the right questions enough times and join all the dots, all will become clear.If you want ineffable certainties in life, go pick a religion. All this CT stuff just winds people up, and drives people madder and madder, because it's tilting at windmills, chasing shadows. It makes the anxious more anxious, the paranoid more paranoid, the angry, angrier. There is no Grand Conspiracy. We are all part of the same dream, the same conspiracy. We are all it. Deal with it. Live it. Engage with it. Step away from the realms of paranoia and ceaseless, pointless speculation and if you want change, make it happen.''

And I believe that. But I have been deeply troubled recently by my own personal reaction of distressed anger towards the self-professed ''July 7th Truthseekers'' in particular. I find it extremely difficult to deal with all these posts about me on their messageboards and blogs, where I have been accused in the past of being a counter-intelligence professional, ( or even a team of M15 agents) in the employ of a corrupt Government; that I tell lies, that I am fake, a ''shill'', a racist, and so on. Well, of course I am going to be angry if complete strangers post up personally abusive rubbish about me, anyone would be. But there is something frightening about their relentless proselytising that affects me more deeply than just this personal abuse nonsense; and it is the allegations that the bombers were innocent, that there is no such thing as Islamist terrorism, that the bombs were not made and planted by 4 young British extremists but by the State. The way they carry on reminds me of a cult, and I think that it is sinister.

I have gone over to their websites on several occasions and tried to debate it with them, on messge boards where they are speculating about me and what I believe and who I am. It does no good, it gets nowhere, it makes me more upset and angrier still. Yet if someone is publishing and disseminating what I think is false propoganda in the name of ''truth'', and linking to my writing and talking about me in connection with it, then it is very difficult to sit on your hands and bite your lip and do nothing. It feels personal, it IS personal, it is horrible. I don't what feels worse, doing nothing, or trying to fight back and defend myself.

I care about truth, I want an independent inquiry; I want what I think is the truth about the connection between our foreign policy and the increased and deadly risk to our civilians and soldiers in this stupidly-named '' War on Terror'' to come out. I think that the link is becoming clearer and clearer. Even the Chief of Staff of the British army is saying it, for heaven's sake. Perhaps the Government will act on the Lessons Learned from 7 July, and carry out the practical recommendations that we shared, and perhaps the shameful results of their foreign policy, driven by the US policy will come out and be aired as well. Blair, a key architect of the mess will lose his job for it, and then we can try and make it better, without falling into the trap of authoritarian over-reaction and giving away our civil liberties hand over fist in a misguided attempt to be safer by becomg less free.

But I think, meanwhile, that these conspiracy-theorists' wilful refusal to accept that extremist religious terrorism even exists, and the part our Government and the US Government have played in worsening the situation, is appalling. I do not see how we can ever get past this, if this virus of ignorant denial spreads and this festering cynicism flourishes in the place of clear-eyed, righteous anger and determined questioning of what is done in our name.

I hate the picking over of what I say, what other people say in the name of ''truth and justice'' when it is done in the name of something else - an agenda to prove a theory that is held as an article of faith in something that represents almost a fundementalist religion. I am pig-sick of a year's-worth of personal attacks. Some might think that I would want to make common cause with these people, who say they want an independent inquiry,when I want the same thing too. But I do not, not now, not ever.( And I am aware of the irony, for I think that there is some State culpability in the events of 7/7, just as they do, and that makes me have an agenda to a certain extent as well. The difference is, I do not operate in a world that denies the existence of terrorism and seeks to exonerate mass-murderers.)

Oh God, I am so, so sick of this.

I don't see what else I can do though. In all conscience, I think this is too important for me to sit back and let cynical, foetid speculation take the place of the truth being held to account. Whilst conspiracy theories thrive, the demands of those who want things to be made better, fairer, can be dismissed. Conspiracy theories let the guilty off the hook, by obfuscating the calls for clarity with a fug of sick and hopeless speculation that claims a Grand Global Conspiracy - when there is none. What there is instead: cock-ups, cover-ups, failures, greed, ambition, pride, ruthlessness and cruelty. There is humanity, and humans struggling for power and wealth and position. There is not an Evil Machine, we are the machine, we are the the results of our own actions and we can call our leaders to account. Or not. We can sit and post away on the internet about satanic super-states, or we can try and change things.

I can't do very much, but I can write, and I can campaign and I can publicly state my position and keep asking for the truth to be faced up to, keep asking what we are going to do to get out of this mess and bring healing and hope and peace to a troubled, angry world. I just wish that doing so didn't make me feel so despairing and angry sometimes.

It is hard. And it makes it difficult to write; the anger, the self-doubts, the despair. And I know you've heard it all before, but it isn't going away, so I am saying it again.

I am actually considering turning the comment moderator function off just to show people what will follow after this post. I can already guess. I am weary, just thinking about what is heading my way. I am sorry to have to write about this, again. I've been reading some of the unpublished comments that have been coming in today already, before I wrote this, and I just want to give up.

Anyway, I'm going to the pub with J and Jane, because now I have written this down, I feel a bit better. This is a personal blog, and if I want to vent, then I can, I guess. You don't have to read it.

If you've got this far, then thank you. And here's the song that has been keeping me sane recently. Hallelujah - this beautiful cover is by Alison Crowe.

UPDATE: Wonderful essay by Not Saussure. And, a miracle. No obscene comments, no threats, no hate mail, not cut and paste oddyseys, only normality, sanity in the comments tonight. I haven't had to block a thing. That is amazing, the first time in weeks when I haven't flinched opening up comment moderator. Perhaps the detractors, the attackers have finally decided to leave it, and me alone. Oh, I hope so. Thank you, everyone who commented. Bless you, I'm really grateful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're in an intolerable position unfortunately and I don't know what the answer is, but I know this, your first responsibility has to be to yourself. You have to look after yourself, whichever way works for you. There is no shame in not engaging with people who attack you personally. Chin up sweetie. And lots of love.

October 15, 2006 5:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rachel, why are you so stressed by what the conspiracy theorists say? Everybody has a right to an opinion. You have yours, they have theirs. You are convinced they are wrong, and they no doubt are convinced you are wrong. What's the problem with that? My own view is that I don't know what happened. I have read the conspiracy theories and I have no idea if they are right or not. How could I know? But I certainly don't accept what T Blair says as gospel. I'd be mad to do that, wouldn't I?

October 15, 2006 6:44 pm  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Ah Rachel,
The truth will set us free. These are only theories and the trod-upon and marginalized trying to make sense of the senselessness of our world.
Keep speaking, nay ROARING, your truth and you shall be free. Much respect and admiration, always.

"If one tells the truth, one is sure sooner or later to be found out”----Oscar Wilde

October 15, 2006 7:30 pm  
Blogger fridgemagnet said...

After five years of this wankery and dealing with it both on blogs and other forums, and whilst modding U75, I just am not interested in defending my position or engaging in logical argument with the "professional" BCTers (Bollocks Conspiracy Theory) any more. It's a waste of time. They're not *listening*, and I don't *care* if they think I'm a CIA agent. On Urban, I just don't engage, perhaps sometimes to take the piss a little, and if it gets too spammy, bin and/or ban.

What I find harder to deal with is real people who've picked up on this to some vague degree in everyday life. I get unusually angry and demonstrative if people say things like "have you seen this video called Loose Change" in the pub, for instance, and I have to rein myself in and point them to numerous sites which point out what arse it is. That can be a bit of a problem after a few beers.

My flatmate is mad for all of the conspiracy shite and I have to baldly say "please do not send me any of this stuff any more, it's always rubbish, I always prove it's rubbish to you with a minute's googling, I can't be bothered any more". I used to do this every time it came up on the net too, post rebuttals etc, until I learnt the trigger factors that meant "this is pathology not argument for this person, don't waste your time, it's always going to turn out to be crap".

"You're just a COINTELPRO agent trying to distract us from the REAL crimes of the state, those theories have been injected into the discourse by the CIA/MI5" is a good response I find.

October 15, 2006 7:32 pm  
Blogger fridgemagnet said...

Carole: I'll tell you why I get stressed by them, though I can't speak for Rachel, who's obviously going to be more offended since there are personal attacks directed at her, and people denying things she's seen with her own eyes.

It's a complete distraction from any sort of serious political analysis. It takes a ridiculous amount of time chasing down all of the tiny little factors that are put up constantly as "evidence" that there is something more there, because in no cases is the stuff that gets posted properly researched.

Real theories to do with conspiracies - say, Watergate, or Greg Palast's stuff - are meticulously documented and sourced with clear facts. Everything's in front of your face, it doesn't take long to look at all of the angles. BCTs come with pretty much nothing, some tiny misread or misheard detail perhaps or a grainy JPEG from a camera with "look at that, eh? that proves it!" as the only analysis. Maybe somebody pulls together a whole load of these things (e.g. "In Plane Sight"), all of which individually are crap, but supposedly if you have a hundred things that are wrong, that builds up into one thing that is right.

Examining that sort of stuff takes far, far too long, time which could have been spent on much more profitable activities, looking at and analysing the real, provable and obscene crimes that are being pulled and the lies that are being told in public, in the news every day. Yet it captivates a big chunk of people. I used to do it myself, I've always been interested in conspiracy theories, at least when they were still speculation. Nowadays they're not fun any more.

They rest on the same sort of magical thinking on which so much recent government propaganda is based, constructing arguments by building flimsy assumptions on top of each other and acting as if they were all true, and I find the idea that anyone wants me to accept that sort of rubbish as logic very, very irritating.

October 15, 2006 7:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't the owl worshipping at Bohemian Grove real? A video of it was on Channel 4, by Jon Ronson.

October 15, 2006 10:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you have to put up with this crap. I agree with the first comment, you have to take good care of yourself, be kind to yourself.

October 15, 2006 10:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think in this case the conspiracy theorists do not deserve all the blame.

When I first saw your post the other day I was planning to agree and mention that we had one of these stupid nutters posting on a site I frequent. The problem is, when I actually checked what the stupid nutter said I found that technically he was totally correct. He made the points that a) the papers reported burns and b)TATP which the papers have reported as being used produces no heat - check it for yourself on Wilkipedia.

I think the fault lies with the government in not issuing any proper analysis, not just about the motivations but the methodology. If people are left with of the cuff opinions by police and others that simply do not add up then some are obviously going to spot it.

October 15, 2006 10:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I read your blog because it is intresting, and also, as a awy of seeig the "news" from a different angle

In fact, recently, I saw the 9/11 CT film (Loose Change ver2), and the day after was wondering if there was evidence to back it up, or to counter the points made... and lo and behold, on your page was a link to the anti CT LC2 page.

Whilst I don't think all that the anti page says is 100% true, it did allow me to "think" on what both sides have said.

[note, I think 9/11 and 7/7 are real and actual events where people were injured or killed - and I don't think it was a CT!]

You should know that your voice (or text) counts, it is important for you to tell "your" truth.

"The" truth, as in the "FULL COMPLETE TRUTH" will never be known, we might get to know 90% of it, but we will never know the thoughts of the terroists or their helpers

But, if you as a victim, now a VOICE do not say your bit, then history will not be served

Keep up your good work


October 16, 2006 12:07 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In an earlier life I drove a taxi. A regular passenger was a woman who was convinced that she was being followed. She would point out the lorry which always appeared behind the car (and turned off after she'd told you), the man who was always standing at the side of the road when she arrived (but wasn't once she'd told you). Etc. A cast-iron, logically unshakeable version of personal paranoia, an illness dressed up as rationality, a self-supporting fallacy.

Extrapolate into the political arena and the basis for conspiracy theories looks like an extreme example of personal insecurity, an imagined foundation of truth in what was always, and will always be, an uncertain world.

No aliens ? There are billions of stars and planets out there, some must be more advanced than us, there are gaps in the fossil evidence for evolution. *Hence* alien cultures must have inter-stellar space travel and/or time-travel, they must have visited us by now, UFO's are real, aliens must have seeded the evolution which resulted in us.

Iraq was based on a false premise about weapons ? The evidence for WMDs claimed turned out to have been flimsy, partial or incorrect ? *Hence* Tony Blair and the rest of the government must have known, they lied to us, they created the war on terror for their own political agenda, the current situation in Iraq is all Blair and Bush's fault.

Easy, isn't it ?

Trouble is, jumping from the premise(s) to the conclusion(s) is all to easy, when either (a) part of the evidence is missing, (b) attributions are made to others' internal states about which they themselves may not be clear, (c) we have a ready-made popular culture/media/internet-based framework on which to hang it.

Conspiracy theories may (because I believe it but can't demonstrate it conclusively) be the price we pay for an open and unpoliced internet. But the opposite - China, North Korea, Zimbabwe, name your regime - is surely (because I believe it but can't demonstrate it) way way worse.

In dimissing the obvious paranoia-based theories, we need (I believe) to be so so careful that our own prejudices are not following similar, even if much less extreme, lines. But without them (the prejudices) there would *be* no debate, no politics, no cultural givens, no morality, no blogs; and no 9/11 or 7/7. Maybe our own inherent conspiraloon tendencies are the result of being ordinarily fallible, persuaded by false arguments and clusters of partial evidence dressed up as political/religious/moral stance. Merely human, that is.


October 16, 2006 1:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my piece; glad you approved of it.

If anyone's interested, I've given my answer to carole's question 'What's the problem with that?' here

October 16, 2006 6:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hitler and his cronies conspired in secret to seize political power. The conspiracy failed, some of his co-conspirators were killed, and Hitler ran away and hid from the police.

Ten years later Hitler tried again, and became dictator of Germany.

Was his ultimate rise to power the result of an unhappy series of accidents? Or was it a successful conspiracy to seize power?

Both. It was the outcome of a struggle conducted both in the open and in secret.

During an American football game, are the coach and his team conspiring to beat the other side? Yes, they are. Is it an open conspiracy or a secret conspiracy? Both. They are conspiring in full view of the TV cameras, but we can't hear what they are plotting in their huddle.

Did the Republican party conspire to seize control of all three branches of American government? Yes, no, and maybe. It's complicated.

Was 9/11 part of an evil global conspiracy to seize control of the world? That's the official story.

Was 7/11 also part of the Al Qaeda conspiracy? The official story is that the bombers were a home-grown British plot.

Was the Reichstag fire part of the Nazi conspiracy? Or was it an unrelated event that Hitler seized as an opportunity? We don't know.

Hitler acted as if the fire was part of his plan.

A 'secret conspiracy' is often a bunch of opportunists seizing one opportunity after another. There is no conspiracy, but the actors behave as if they were conspiring.

Does the pattern of dots suggest a conspiracy, or does it suggest people acting as if they were in a conspiracy? There's no way to tell.

October 17, 2006 8:56 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rachel, as I have said before, you have my unqualified sympathy and support in the face of the unjustified and highly insensitive abuse that you have faced from a few individuals. They most certainly do not reflect the wider 9/11 truth movement.

The 9/11 truth movement is made up of diverse range of people, a few of whom will fit your characterisation of deluded 'conspiracy theorists'.

But you do the 9/11 truth movement a great disservice by equating the '9/11 truth movement' with ridiculous myths such as 'Elvis lives' and by failing to acknowledge in any of your numerous writings on the subject that there is very strong prima facie case that the 'official version' is wrong and the call by new independent investigation is backed by many credible people and is fully justified.

So let me ask, do you consider the 'Jersey Girls' ( and the people listed on this site ( to be part of the '9/11 truth movement' and 'conspircay theorists'?

October 17, 2006 10:54 am  
Blogger silver_flight said...

I have only recently discovered the link to the so-called '7/7 Truth' community. I have seen enough to convince me that 9/11 was at least partly an insider job, and I suspect the myriad of legitimate questions raised about this may make some people sceptical about the source of 7/7, Madrid, etc.

However, this most certainly does not excuse the vicious, personal and absolutely unnecessary attacks on Rachel (and probably everyone else who disagrees with their particular point of view). Call me naive, but this really shocked me. Whatever a person believes, true open-mindedness means treating the beliefs of others with respect, and not blocking out ideas (and especially facts) just because they don't confirm your theory.

Rachel, I understand and appreciate your anger, and I am very sorry for the stress these people have caused you. I hope that now, having tried every possible method of getting a dialogue, you will no longer waste your time on them.

October 17, 2006 11:51 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

I also think that conspiracy theories miss the point. Politicians are too dumb to organize a global conspiracy. But I must confess to being fond of the shape shifting alien lizards, not that I've ever met one, even on mushrooms.

October 17, 2006 5:50 pm  
Blogger JM said...

As a liberal American, I believe that there are problems with the official version of the events of 9/11. However, as with stating an opinion on any subject open to debate, I sort through all the different theories and reject the ones I disagree with or see as unlikely. There are a lot of different theories about what really happened, and while I accept that some very disturbing points have been made, I know that there are hundreds of other theories that are just stupid, extremely unlikely, or plain nasty, racist, and insulting to the victims. I think that blogger Silver Flight (above) was correct in stating: "I expect the myriad of legitimate questions raised about [9/11] may make some people sceptical about the source of 7/7".

However the only problem with the official version of events of 7/7 are the underlying questions about what the British goverment's foreign policy had to do with the motive of the 4 bombers, as Rachel continues to point out and the reason for which she continues to campaign for an independent inquiry.

The conspiracy theorists who target Rachel online are doing both her, and the online community in general, a great diservice. By harrassing her not only are they infringing on her rights and turning her, a blogger with a large following, off to other possibly valid theories of government involvement in exacerbating terrorist attacks, they're also further alienating the online community by posting nonsense and verbal abuse. These CT people who claim to be for the movement for the truth, are in reality clouding the truth with their petty behavior and illogical thinking.

October 17, 2006 6:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've little idea what attacks Rachel has regrettably received, but I am commenting here because Rachel has attacked me, although I have never attacked her. I am the author of 911 Revealed and the attack on me was after I implored Milan Rai at Rachel's House of Lords meeting to stop making the utterely false statement that there is "no evidence" that 911 was an inside job. It is of course a matter of debate what the evidence amounts to.

This seems to have earned me such delightful descriptions as "conspiraloons" and worse.
I would just like to say that if anyone thinks the neocons or the Pentagon are not not morally capable of killing their own people they should just google "operation northwoods" the Pentagon plan, now released, to do just that. If they think such an operation cannot be kept quiet they should just gooogle iran contra and they will find that that massive operation was successfully covered up for years. I understand it is very frightening to consider this sort of possibility , especially when you are a victinm of terrorism yourself, as Rachel is, but sneering and pretending to know better, as many of Rachels fans seem to do is just self-deception from people who spend too much time reading the Guardian

By the way I don't know anyone who would make abusive posts towards a victim like Rachel. At the risk of speculating, I sometimes wonder if the Pentagon web propaganda departement (yes it does exist) might go round systematically making abusive postings on both sides as a divide and rule strategy. Just an idea.

Ian Henshall

October 23, 2006 8:55 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...

Apologies for the long post. I thought the reign of common sense wouldn't last.
'Ian Henshall' has left a comment.

First, he claim I am 'attacking' him.
'I've little idea what attacks Rachel has regrettably received, but I am commenting here because Rachel has attacked me, although I have never attacked her'

I hav not attacked Ian Henshall and anyone who wishes to check this can search for 'Ian Henshall' on my blog to ascertain this.

Next...Ian says,
' I am the author of 911 Revealed and the attack on me was after I implored Milan Rai at Rachel's House of Lords meeting to stop making the utterely false statement that there is "no evidence" that 911 was an inside job. It is of course a matter of debate what the evidence amounts to....'

There is of course no evidence presented that 9/11 'was an inside job'. There are many speculative internet sites, which are almost cult-like in their fervency to be enlightened. There is of course much conjecture.

Whether that conjecture, which is presented without evidence, is appropriate at a meeting about July 7, not 9/11 at all , is for you , reader, to decide. Also whether turning up to aggressively push a viewpoint which relates to a book you are selling, when the evening advertised is on another subject entirely, is your call, reader.

' This seems to have earned me such delightful descriptions as "conspiraloons" and worse.'

I reiterate, I have never mentioned Henshall's name.


' I would just like to say that if anyone thinks the neocons or the Pentagon are not not morally capable of killing their own people they should just google "operation northwoods" the Pentagon plan, now released...'

A plan which was on paper and never executed by a different Govt, in different times, is not evidence of a conspiracy now, 40 years later. There was a plan to nuclear bomb Russia, in the 1970s. Are we to take it that because it did not happen, other nuclear bombs have been dettonated...and the last 3 years?

'If they think such an operation cannot be kept quiet they should just gooogle iran contra and they will find that that massive operation was successfully covered up for years. I understand it is very frightening to consider this sort of possibility , especially when you are a victinm of terrorism yourself, as Rachel is, but sneering and pretending to know better, as many of Rachels fans seem to do is just self-deception from people who spend too much time reading the Guardian

So there you have it, reading the Guardian and laughing at evidence-untroubled cultic paranoia is 'self-deception'. I leave irony-fans to draw their own conclusions.

' By the way I don't know anyone who would make abusive posts towards a victim like Rachel. At the risk of speculating, I sometimes wonder if the Pentagon web propaganda departement (yes it does exist) might go round systematically making abusive postings on both sides as a divide and rule strategy. Just an idea.'

Ian Henshall'

No, Ian, it is just that people think your '9/11 truth' pals are offensive bullies.


And FYI, I have had death threats, and obscenities for 9 months.

Here is a sample.

'you diserve to die you cointelpro bitch whore. bet you ain't even female. when the turth comes out bitches like you will be punished hard.'

'liar whore. the boys from leeds were innocent. choke on it you slag, and die.'

'Governent shill bitches soon die of crocodile tears. shame the bomb wasn't in your face slag.'


I leave it to the police,who have the IP addresses, and my readers to draw their own conclusions. My own opinion of the 9/11 Truth Movement in general should be easily guessed from the above, and interaction and comments left over almost a year. As to your laughable suggestion that the 'Pentagon' is responsbible for such puerile inane viciousness, I think it is little closer to home, myself.

The '9/11 truth movement' needs no state agents to act as detractors. It is perfectly capable of self destructing all by itself.

Oh, your email, Iam Henshall, is reproduced in full.

October 23, 2006 10:46 pm  
Blogger fridgemagnet said...

Come on, be serious, you can't move to Operation Northwoods straight away like that! You would at least have to come from the Reichstag Fire via Kennedy, using the 1974 Zinn Connectivity Amendment.

October 24, 2006 1:07 pm  

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