Sunday, July 02, 2006

More news round up

Well, the campaign for an independent/public inquiry has been in pretty much every newspaper so far. So our efforts are paying off. Hooray. ( And there is a whole lot more to come).

News of the World

Great piece from Peter Zimonjic in the Mail on Sunday

Plus Guardian and more stuff in posts below.
Meanwhile, M15 whistle blowers will get punished under proposed new laws. Even if they blow the whistle to protect the public. I wonder why?

''Ministers are also concerned at the growing number of leaks of sensitive documents by dissident officials, including those relating to the MI5 investigation into the July 7 bombings''

It's working, we're getting there, perhaps they are even starting to run scared?

Well, tough. They shouldn't be scared. This is the debate that we should all be having, about liberty and security, freedom and fear. It affects all of us. Too bad if it is politically uncomfortable. What are politicians afraid of? And is being afraid of uncomfortable questions worse than being afraid that your tube is going to blow up and kill you every morning? Being left with no legs? Losing a loved one? No. This needs to be said: many of us want an independent inquiry, not for ''closure'', but because we want to learn lessons, spare suffering and save lives - and we think it will help.

And if you agree, here's the petition, signed by survivors and members of the public.

Click. Thanks.


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