Sunday, June 25, 2006

Khan 'was bugged by Special Branch' pre-7/7

''The official line on 7/7 is that it came out of the blue. But the security services were tipped off about the bombers’ Beeston hang-out long before the attacks...In the days after the London bombings of last July the government declared that the attacks had come without warning... Security sources briefed the media that the four suicide attackers were “clean skins” ... There had been no suspicions, the authorities said, no firm leads that might have prevented the carnage of 7/7...'The committee’s conclusion is that there was not an intelligence failure.'
This weekend the evidence of prior suspicions, warnings and tip-offs was mounting again. As The Sunday Times has reported previously, far from being unknown to the authorities, the bombers and their extremist circle had come to the attention of the police and MI5 on several occasions...

Todays Sunday Times, front page: ''Police tracking bug found in 7/7 mastermind’s car
''MI5 has already been criticised by victims’ relatives and opposition MPs for allegedly failing to act on clues about Khan’s activities before the attacks...With the first anniversary of the bombings next week, the claim has reignited calls for a full public inquiry into what the security services and the police knew about the terrorists before the attacks...''
Focus: How much did they know about Khan?


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