Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Journalists please read

Kings Cross United information

London Assembly 7 July Review Committee - which includes survivor testimony in transcript and webcast form. You can contact the London Assembly and ask for Janet Hughes, Senior Scrutiny officer who can send you a copy of the DVD with survivors talking on it. About the experience of being blown up, about communication and aftercare. It is a great resource for the media.

7 July Assistance Centre, the official support for those affected by 7/7.

Ok. I need your help here. I am not a 7/7 press officer; I am a woman who has a job in an advertising office whose train exploded a year ago and who became part of a private group of survivors and who, like millions of other bloggers, has been writing a personal web diary for a year.

Some survivors , including some from the train I was on, have agreed to do some limited media as we approach the anniversary, which is a difficult time. Media requests have been coming in all year, and since March, have intensified so that there are now hundreds of journalists from all over the world wanting to speak to survivors, and most of them seem to be trying to do so via me. I am sorry, but I can't help.

I am not going to give out names or details of survivors, I never have, and I never will. Offering me money will not work either; I don't want it, I won't accept it. I am not able to do any more media myself, and if you want to talk to 7/7 survivors in general you will need to go to annmarie AT who has kindly offered to help out, for free, with dealing with the media fire-storm which I can no longer cope with. She has a list of 7/7 people who have said they will speak out. Most of them have already been booked now.

I realise that you are trying to do your jobs. But please be reasonable. I am also trying to do mine. And my job, which pays my mortgage, is nothing to do with 7 July, and I can't do it if everyone keeps trying to call and email me and ask me questions which I cannot answer, and ask for help which I cannot give.

Thank you.


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