Saturday, March 25, 2006

London Assembly 7 July Review Committee

The London Assembly 7th July Review Committee Scrutiny Meeting on Thursday 23rd March was a long, hard, painful day, but, it seems, an already-worthwhile one ( see ''Well Done Tessa Jowell!'').

I am so proud of my fellow passengers - especially those who spoke and those who watched from the auditorium, those who watched online and those who sent messages of support to the speakers, and those who are writing their testimony. I am so proud of us all, proud of all the survivors I have ever met, the bereaved people I have spoken to and email with, all the LU staff and the British transport police, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, ambulance staff, police officers, those people who helped, those people who said '' I was just doing my job'' on July 7th, when they went far, far above what anyone should be expected to do on a summer Thursday morning.

I hope that the testimony of the survivors of that day will help in a postitive way. I hope people will learn, that funding and training and information-sharing and better communication will happen immediately, and wherever it is needed.

I would like to thank Richard, the Chair, Sally, Deputy Chair, Janet and Dale the Scrutiny staff and the rest of the staff at the GLA who were absolute stars and managed the day beautifully with compassion and professionalism: as well as being professional they were also immensely kind and human and protective. It felt like they were on our side. They made a tough day better than bearable; they made it feel like it made a difference.

There has been the inevitable flurry of media interest, but thank you to the media representatives too who have contacted me, because you have all been polite and not demanding, and have been understanding of the cost of that day, and the need for privacy afterwards. Some media representatives said they found the day challenging and personally moving to sit through.

Thank you.

UPDATE: The testimony I gave on the day, and the reports of my fellow passengers cabn befound here

The webcast of those 13 of us who gave testimony in public can be found here. The transcript will be on the website soon, and meanwhile otjer survivors and bereaved are giving further evidence privately. The report will be published at the end of May.


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