Sunday, January 29, 2006

This is a personal blog...

...this is my personal post 7th July diary. It reflects my personal journey and my political opinions.

It is not the official Kings Cross United site.

KCU is a non-political, non-religious group, open to anyone who was travelling on the bombed Piccadilly line train from Kings Cross to Russell Square on July 7th 2005. It's about helping each other continue our journey after the bombings - and it is run by Piccadilly passengers on the bombed train for other Piccadilly passengers who travelled with them. It's about emailing each other, offering each other support and encouragement and understanding, keeping in touch with people who you were with on the day, and going to the pub once a month.

If you were on the bombed train, and want to get in touch the email is kingscrossunited AT




Blogger Bridget said...

can I ask, which bombed train? Have TFL got back to you yet re: train 311 or 331? Just to remind you that on the Alex Cox forum (which has been hacked btw) you wrote that you would post TFL's answer to your query here on your blog.

January 29, 2006 11:24 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...

The group is for anyone on the bombed Piccadilly line train that was travelling from Kings Cross to Russell Square. We know who we are. Only one train was bombed on the Piccadilly line. There is currently some confusion regarding its number. I have had clarification about the number of the train but I have not entered into further correspondence about the number of the train nor am I going to post further details here because that will draw me back into endless conversations with people who think there were 2 trains, and I am sick of doing that. Doing so is more trouble than it is worth and has led to nasty comments being left and my personal details being posted on the internet which I find disturbing.

3 tubes were bombed and one bus on July 7th. KCU is for people on the Piccadilly line train. Other passengers from the other 3 explosions can contact who are happy to help, and who also now organise survivor meetings

KCU are happy to give assistance to people from the other bombed trains/bus about how to set up the free software we use to run the group if that will be helpful to them, and we meet them at the DCMS-organised 7th July assistance meetings occasionally.

The reasons we at KCU only cover one train are: a) because it is about a shared experience and the experience of each group of bombed people was different - in our case, people are usually anxious to meet the people they were trapped underground with for over 30 minutes

b) because unfortunately hoaxers, conspiracy theorists and journalists who were not there have tried to 'gatecrash' the group and pretend they were there on 7/7 on our train in order to find out information. We can tell immediately if someone was on our train, and we have implemented some simple safeguards to ensure that no-one who is not genuine can gain access to the group. We are proud that we have never had a breach. Unfortunately, we are not able to do this with passengers who were involved in the other explosions - because we were not there so it would be easier to fake it and get past us.

c) KCU is more than 80 people, it is run by passengers for passengers who were with them on the day. We do this in our spare time, voluntarily. We just don't have the time or resources to manage a group for all the survivors. We are in contact with them though, and we can all use
for complementary back up: they offer counselling, massage etc, whereas we are simply an email system to talk informally to fellow passengers, and a social network. We have been active since early July - the first of us got together a week after the bombs and it has grown from there, thorugh a carefully-managed short media campaign to let other passengers know we exist.

I know you are very interested in the numbers of the trains Bridget, but I hope you understand why I have chosen to distance myself from further dialogue with people who consider themselves internet-based 'independent investigators': I find the personal attacks when I do engage exhausting & detrimental to my continuing recovery so I am choosing to no longer correspond with people who are amateur investigators and who choose to spend time speculating about the events I was caught up in on the internet.

I have made my point: which was that I am very angry to have my original account of the bombing misquoted by The Antagonist as if I were describing a power surge to tie in with his personal - and completely false - theory that there were no bombs on July 7th. This was what drew me into the original debate with conspiracy theorists. I also felt I needed to make it clear that my and other survivor demands for a public independent enquiry were not because we had some madcap 'false flag Psy-ops Global Elite' conspiracy theory of our own going on. Having made this pretty clear, I am pulling out of the debate which became very heated on both sides. I can see no further benefit in continuing to be involved with conspiracy theorists. It is interesting as a hobby for them, but it is painful reality for me and many others, a reality we are doing our best to recover from. I cannot stop people visiting my blog and leaping to whatever conclusions they will about me - that I am for example, a liar, a COINTELPRO, or 'part of the lying whore media' - all of which I have been repeatedly accused of - but I am not going to argue about it with conspracy theorists any more. I am too tired. And vicious anonymous comments are now being removed.

January 30, 2006 9:15 am  

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