Monday, January 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Mum

Despite yesterday's post, which came about because the Sunday Times reporter phoned up out of the blue, I have managed to not think about 7th July stuff so much. It is my mum's birthday today and J and I went to visit Mum and Dad in Norfolk, where they have just moved into a new house in Norwich, after sixteen years in a village. I'm so pleased they have this new start and a new life. Positive new starts all round, hopefully. I gave mum lillies and a collection of Allan Bennett writings. The house is beautiful, they've only been in a few days and it feels like they've been in for months.

On Saturday night we walked out across the city for dinner then went to a benefit ceileidh which was great fun, galloping about in a huge ex-monastic hall, and we ended with a sing-song til 2am. I remembered (and performed) old songs I hadn't sung for years like Peggy Gordon and The last of Barrett's Privateers. My brother was there too, and some friends and we had a fair few pints of local ale. Headache on Sunday morning. On Sunday my brother and his wife and my uncle came round to mum and dad's for Sunday lunch and we exchanged late Christmas and early birthday presents. I was sorry to leave my family ( only my sister was not present) and return to London which is a bleak and scary and cold place today, on what is apparently the most miserable day of the year. It is not off to a great start so far : no milk, no loo roll.

At least it is not raining.

Happy Birthday Mum. x


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