Friday, October 07, 2005

Kings Cross United

I'm posting this because there's now a link from Radio 5 Live to this blog, and there is a programme that is going on right now about the 7th July, 3 months on to the day.

If you were on the Piccadilly line train that exploded at 8.51am on 7th July you can meet fellow passengers by emailing

Last night Kings Cross United met up for the third time in a North London pub. We had many new members, and we were so glad to meet them.

We all talked about what it was like on the train, the trains vs. bus dilemma - how the hell do you get to work ? - and we talked about what it was like to be panicking, in pain, terrified for our lives, 100 feet down.

Then we all bought each other drinks, and talked about life now. It really helped. Everybody said it helped. It was a huge relief to talk to others who were there. There was a wonderful moment when people from carriage 3 all found each other.

Why are we only Kings Cross United, not 7th July United? Mainly because the Kings Cross group were trapped underground, in the dark, in the choking smoke, with only the strangers next to each other for comfort. For over half an hour, hearing the screams and unable to do anything, we stood crowded together, trying our best not to give up. What the hell can you do in such a situation? You talk to the person next to you. The person you think that you are going to die next to when the fire comes, or the air runs out.

We formed teams, bonds that saved our lives from the panic that could have been a catastrophe as bad as the explosions.

We have wanted to find each other since, in so many cases. Over 750 people were on that crowded train, and many were heroes, many were friends and comrades, who have never been seen or heard of since. And it can be lonely, to bear all this alone.

On each train and on the bus it was different, but terrible. For all of us it was unforgettable, in ways that still reverberate through us now.

Some Kings Cross people found each other through the internet. Now we want to reach out to our fellow passengers. We would like people to know that we are here, if they want to find us.

We are the first, and currently the only group of survivors from the bombsite who meet up. But we are not alone in feeling as we do.

Tomorrow several of us are going to go to the Survivor meeting where for the first time other survivors will gather from all 4 bomb sites. The Red Cross are hosting the event, in the hope that more people can form groups and meet up to help each other after the bombs. Kings Cross United will be there, and so will other survivors.

If you were caught up in the events of 7th July you can call the Red Cross on 0845 054 7444 and talk to someone. You can meet others on Saturday and you can get help by calling the number.

Or email we will do our best to put you in contact with people who were there, even if you weren't on our train. We're not counsellors, or experts, or anybody special really. We are just people who were going to work on the Piccadilly line on a Thursday morning in July. But we are there if you need us, and if you were there too, you are welcome.


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