Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Some good news

Another survivor from the carriage one of the Piccadilly train, another Kings Cross United person has done a very brave and marvellous thing. He was thrown from the train when it exploded and was badly hurt. He has had to have several operations. He has said, quite understandably, that he was never going on a train again. But yesterday he managed first an overland train, and then, amazingly the Piccadilly tube to Russell Square, where he had been taken after he was pulled from the tracks and where he had waited in pain until he could be taken to hospital and treated for his very bad injuries. He took back the journey that was interrupted on 7th July.

He texted the Kings Cross United people before he got on the train, and then he emailed us all to say he had done it,

‘I didn't forsee the day that I would be able to get back anywhere near a tube, so I feel pretty good about it - I also feel that however small, it's another kick in the teeth for those who almost killed us all on the 7/7 - today we won, and they lost.’


Well bloody done. Hooray!


Blogger Beth said...

Hi There,

I had been reading your blog on the BBC website around the time of the attacks and very often found myself on the verge of tears whilst sitting in my office (its open plan - crying isn't such a good plan).

I found your blog via Belle in the Big Apple's blog purely by fluke but I'm very glad I did, I had been quite disappointed when the one on the BBC site had come to an end.

I'm sure lots of people have said this but your bravery is really inspirational!

I'll definitely be checking in regularly!


September 20, 2005 1:59 pm  
Blogger Belle said...

Belle here... I applaud what you're doing after the bombings. It's invaluable to have a first hand account of the events, your reactions, your sentiments.

Keep it up and thank you for reading my blog

September 20, 2005 3:42 pm  

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