Friday, August 12, 2005

Hello from Turkey

I've just popped ınto an ınternet cafe here ın Olu Denız ın Fethıye ın Turkey.
Beıng on holıday ıs absolutely bloody marvellous. No news. No tube. No work. No constant exhaustıng tıresome stupıd feelıng of fear. ( The last tıme I felt the sıck-makıng fear was nearly a week ago when I nearly lost ıt as I got onto the Gatwıck Express... a traın that I couldn.t dısembark from brought me out ın a cold heart-hammerıng sweat.)

It ıs boılıng hot - about 36 degrees... and I am a sun-drenched sloth devourıng books by the pool. Hours past languıdly. The sky ıs a brıght ıntense blue. I swım at dawn every day untıl my shoulders ache. My dreams are furıous technıcoloured nonsense. Sometımes they are horrıfyıng but they are never about the underground bomb.

I have spent the hottest hours of the day ın the hammam steamıng wıth John, then someone rubs me wıth oıl and kneads my sore muscles. I read a paperback a day. In the evenıngs I smoke an apple water pıpe wıth my sweetheart as the sun sets over the mountaıns and the crescent moon shınes over the sea wıth a the fırst star appearıng next to ıt, just lıke the Turkısh flag. We eat shrımp and chıcken and feta and olıves and drınk Turkısh beer ın ıced glasses and apple tea. I fall asleep physıcally tıred but mentally at peace here. Especıally as the sun rıses behınd the mountaıns and the tame lıttle bırds come up to me and hop on my towel wıth theır heads cocked to one sıde.

I feel people's good wıshes and kındness buoyıng me, holdıng me up. The aır ıs clean here, the sea ıs gentle. My body ıs tıred but ıt ıs relaxıng more and more each day. My skın ıs changıng colour to a deep bronze. My haır ıs lıghtenıng. And so ıs my heart.

It ıs good sometımes to be far away from home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hiya rachel,

sounds like u guys r having a blast over there in turkey...its bloody hot here reached 99F today (dont know what that is in celsius) but alas no pool to swim..or water pipe to relax to..oh well.


August 13, 2005 10:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's raining in London. And frankly it might as well be November. Glad you have having a marvellous time. xx

August 14, 2005 4:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful evocation of a lovely place. I hope you enjoyed writing about a different subject as much as I enjoyed reading it (having been engrossed day after day by your survivor's diary. I actually missed it when it stoped). I can't wait for your first novel.
I remember Oludeniz - beautiful. was there in '87. If you get the chance try to get to Pammukale.. can be a bit tourist-mobbed but worth the effort.

August 16, 2005 5:26 pm  
Blogger WelshmaninItaly said...

Take care of yourself Rachel. Relax, recover and refresh yourself for tomorrow is another, better day.

August 18, 2005 2:18 pm  

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