Thursday, April 17, 2008

Newsnight on Abu Izzadeen & the Al-Muhajiroun group

Today, Abu Izzadeen, a self-styled preacher was found guilty of terrorist fundraising and inciting terrorism overseas. Also found guilty of terrorist fund-raising were Simon 'Sulayman' Keeler and Abdul Muhid, 25, both of Whitechapel, east London.

There were not guilty verdicts on the same charge against Abdul Saleem, 32, Rajib Khan, 29, and Ibrahim Hassan, 25, while the jury could not reach a verdict for 28-year-old Omar Zaheer, of Southall, west London.

Saleem, of Poplar, east London, and Hassan, of Leyton, east London, were found guilty along with Izzadeen and Keeler of inciting terrorism overseas.

The jury could not reach a verdict on that charge against Mr Khan, of Luton, Bedfordshire and Shah Jalal Hussain, guilty of terrorist fund-raising, remains missing after failing to appear at court on 8 April.

The men have connections with banned group Al-Muhajiroun ( which keeps re-surfacing under different names - now Al Ghurabaa). A very good documentary about Al-Muhajiroun ( made in 2004 by Newsnight) can be watched here ( featuring Sulayman/Simon Keeler who is one of the men convicted today).

Abu Izzadeen described the 7/7 bombers as 'completely praiseworthy' and I have to say that I am pleased that he has been found guilty because in my opinion he is a dangerous and hate-filled individual who encouraged young men to go and kill themselves and others in the name of God, which is shameful and wicked. Two of the 7/7 attackers are 'strongly suspected' of having Al Muhajiroun links. A collection of Richard Watson's reports on extremism are here

Anyway, off to do a pre-record for tonight's show.



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