Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another book review!

Thank you very, very much einekleinenichtmusik!
(For reviewing Out of the Tunnel) And big thanks also to Coco, who attended one of my pole workshops and has also written a review on amazon.
It means such a lot when people read the book and say they liked it. It feels brilliant.



Blogger Rob said...

You're welcome! and thanks for the link.

February 21, 2008 9:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got your book as a chrimbo present for my other half (together with "My Boyfriend is a Twat" which I thought she'd enjoy), and have been reading it the last couple of weeks.

It's one of those books that you hardly notice you're reading, more like those late night conversations you have with close friends and hours later, suddenly realise it's dawn and you are still talking.

I think it's probably the best book I've read in describing London and londoners (and I have read many), the grammar and text on the pages doesn't indulge in any literary gimmicks, but still delivers and without dumbing down or simplifying as many blog-to-book, or "amateur authors" do - it looks effortless, but that's probably your time at uni paying off :)

Anyway it's the best book I've read in a long time, and you should see my bookshelf :)

February 25, 2008 1:16 pm  
Blogger Nicey said...

I have the book at home and can't wait to read it, just need to find a quite moment ....

February 25, 2008 2:38 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...

Thank you very much indeed for the review hashbangperl - that's made my day!
( and I've just come in from carrying sacks of garden waste from the back garden and was all cold and grumpy with a sore back).

February 25, 2008 6:31 pm  
Blogger Rachel said...

And thanks Nicey!

February 25, 2008 6:32 pm  

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