Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Satin Pyjamas 2007

The slinky silky soft satin pyjamas 2007 best bloggery hustings nominations are a Fistful of Euros. Vote here for your favourite blogs; categories include Best European Weblog overall, Best UK Blog, Best Personal, Best Political, Lifetime Achievement and Best New Weblog. And many more.

Vote away, ladies and gents! Voting is what makes the internet great, and a beacon of democracy in these trying times.

Thanks to the satiny sleek Rachel-Catherine for alerting me to the hustings.
I had some satin pyjamas once. They were v. glam, but somewhat slithery. Worn when a guest in houses with nylon sheets they produced interesting static-electrical effects. Worn at home in a damp rented flat they were, sadly, unwearably clammy. I had to retire them. But I am sure that a Fistful of Euros award 2007 will produce nothing but red hot sparks in the lucky winners. And I am very excited that I have been nominated, and so is my Mum.



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