Wednesday, October 25, 2006


25,000 words written in two weeks, phew, and off it goes, with a synopsis to interested parties. That was hard work, but good. Fingers crossed. Now I can take a breather from the bedlam, and get some rebalance back in my life. I've started a detox - not a fullblown juice fast, which I have done in the past, which can be quite emotionally and physically gruelling, but a more gentle regime, of mostly vegan meals and no tea, coffee, alcohol, wheat, red meat or sugar. The idea being to nourish body and soul for a few weeks and get back to basics. Deciding to walk away from a successful 12 year career to go my own way was pretty scary, with many sleepless nights preceeding it, then there was the immediate rush of writing to meet an important deadline. Today was the first day when I really had time to take stock, and have a moment to reflect on what has happened and how far I have come in the last few weeks. I am still very glad I am where I am.

I'm very sorry I haven't replied to all the emails, I will do so tomorrow (and thank you for your patience.) I got to a point where I realised that I needed to have a day's break from staring at a screen, having spent hours and hours in this little messy study surrounded by lists and drying washing and a determined cat jumping in front of the monitor every five minutes. I took a short break today from following the news, and all the dramas and complaints and upsets and sadnesses that you find when you look at a screen too much and take it all to heart. What I did instead today - cooking nourishing food from scratch, made from vegetables and herbs I have walked home with from the local grocers, stirring soup whilst listening to music - ( thank you for all the suggestions following the Allison Crowe post ) - felt wonderful. Detoxing isn't just about cutting junk food out of your life. It's about letting more good things in.

J has been busy too, as he doesn't start his new job until November 6th. He has been landscaping the garden (when not playing Grand Theft Auto. 'I can't work in this rain, Rach'). He is now secretly ( he thinks) eating cold pizza and watching a horror movie in the other room. He liked the breakfast fruit, liked the lunch of spiced chickpeas and tomatoes with basmati rice and pomegranate seeds and lime juice and herbs; he loved supper of roast tomato and basil soup, stuffed peppers and huge baked field mushrooms, but as he has been dragging bags of topsoil and gravel about all week, whilst I have been stuck inside typing furiously, he deserves his illicit cafe fry-ups and late night greasy stodge as well. ( 'Otherwise I'll fart myself to death, honey' Hmmm. Quite possibly there is a grain of truth in this. I notice that the cat has fled from us both and is hiding under the bed.)

I'll be back on the politics soon, I can't keep away. I owe the Sharpener a piece, and I owe 18 Doughty Street a piece too. I'm watching/listening to 18 Doughty St now. And I couldn't restrain myself from watching Newsnight either. That report on Afghanistan. It makes your heart ache. It's an utter bloody mess. We are so damn fortunate here in this country. Right now, I am counting my blessings.


Anonymous Peace Love and Smile said...

Good luck with the detox. I've done it several times and it makes me feel wonderful. I juice vegetables, eat nuts, steam vegetables (like brocolli and courgettes). It makes me feel good physically and mentally. Please keep us up to date with how you get on with it.

October 26, 2006 5:24 am  
Blogger Holly Finch said...

what an achievement!...well done misses!...(the book not the detox....that's just plain crazy!)

let's catch up soooon....xx

October 26, 2006 10:23 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

detox are a clever industry spin. If our bodis would not detox all the time we would be death 2 weeks after birth.

The best detox beverage is simply water!

However most the common concept of detox goes often in line with healthier less fatty carbohardyte loaded food.

Try Vitaorganic at Wardour street The guy who runs it knows more about healthy food than most people.

Daniel from

October 26, 2006 4:01 pm  
Anonymous Peace Love and Smile said...

Anonymous, you don't need the help of any "industry" to detox. Just eat raw fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water, vegetable and fruit juice (not shop bought stuff - make it yourself) and you will feel fabulous. As I said above, I have done it many times and the feeling sensational. You will have so much energy it is unbelievable.

October 27, 2006 11:24 pm  
Anonymous joty said...

Hi Rach, some great posts, loved the pole stuff and the gender stuff, your "inner bloke"! :) love it.

On the writing front great article in Saturday's Guardian by Orhan Pamuk on the mysterious art of writing novels,,1933168,00.html

October 29, 2006 10:22 pm  

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