Saturday, September 23, 2006

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This morning I read...

''They’ve actually blocked off a fair chunk of the city centre, with no access at all except to the apparat. Great. Treated like a terrorist suspect in my own city. This isn’t a public event. It’s the sales conference of the governing party...'' ( from Blood and Treasure, via Tim)

''They're coming back for more than 28 days, put your pocket-money on it. First, there was this HASC report, buried in 7/7 and summer breaks... The conversation's "already happening". People are "moving". The case is made. The sub-judice Heathrow bomb plot is the ammo. He pulls "42 days, 72 days" out of the air, just supposin' you know...'' ( Jarndyce)

''Across our media landscape the tone of analysis has become increasingly frenzied as commentators are encouraged not to inform their readers or sit on the fence but instead play to their prejudices. You are supposed to either hate them or love them; there is no middle ground...'' ( Picked Politics - also on Comment is Free)

''Do you think your average Pakistani Islamist is going to be impressed or assuaged by the fact that their President succumbed to bullying from the US government? It's hardly likely. This admission will surely weaken his position at home if anything, not strengthen it.That still leaves the question as to why he actually made this claim at this time. It is possible that he simply wants the American people to know how their government has behaved. If so, I'm not sure it'll have the effect he intends...'' ( Curious Hamster, additional comment by Not Saussure)

And Manic's made an ace video thing


Anonymous WillS said...

"That still leaves the question as to why he actually made this claim at this time."

Because he's pushing his new book perhaps?

September 27, 2006 2:23 pm  

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