Friday, July 08, 2005

I was so proud of London yesterday.I still am.

I'm not going in today because I need to rest up but I will be getting on the Tube on Monday.
And yes, I probably will feel scared and I probably will remember the bomb, but as I said to someone yesterday, when we were on the train stuck underground we established that we could survive a Tube bomb.
I am going to travel again. I don't see what else to do really.
Today, lots of people on the Tube will be worrying about what if and whether they'd cope, and I'll know I did cope, we all coped, which is kind of empowering really.
I'm scared but I'm angry, so I'm using the anger to get through it.
We all need to go to work. Life goes on.
I am angry at those who planned and executed this.
I would like to thank the police officers, CID forensic team, the train driver, all at University College Hospital including the x-ray team, hospital support staff, doctors, nurses, the volunteer nurse Faith who rushed in on her day off to staff the outpatient ward.
You were all absolutely wonderful and magnificent and I take my hat off to you. Thank you for looking after me.
You stitched my wound, x-rayed me, cheered me and calmed me and cared for me. And hundreds of other frightened, hurt people. Big up to you!
Sharing what happened helped.
I am feeling a bit hungover and my arm aches but apart from that I am 90% fine.
I was a bit traumatised and shocked yesterday and kept smelling the horrible smoke smell.
I coughed a lot and blew my nose and it was black, so after that I felt better because I realised I wasn't going mad, the smell was real and would go in time.
Putting a cold decongestant stick up my nose was a good idea.
I am going back to work on Monday regardless of the bombers.
I was so proud of London yesterday. I still am.
Peddling hate-filled nihilistic clap trap is never going to get very far with us.
I am still feeling glad to be here and glad to be alive and grateful to the emergency services and the hero train driver and the police.
I'm going to sit in the garden today and look at the flowers and the sun and appreciate everything.
Personally I would like everything to get back to normal as soon as, with perhaps a deeper understanding of how great being alive in this diverse and beautiful and proud city is.


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