Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Taking Liberties now out on DVD

Taking Liberties

Breaking blog silence for a worthy cause. Taking Liberties is out on DVD. Here is my original review of the movie.
You really should see this film if you haven't already.
It's very important.
And it is excellent - damn entertaining. Everyone I know who has seen it came out the cinema completely fired up. Even my usually-politically-apathetic sister was steaming.

Film website here. Buy DVD here or here on amazon

**** "Exhilarating... A vitamin boost of scepticism... cheerful,polemical and tactless." Peter Bradshaw, Guardian
"Excellent... you shouldn't vote at the next general election until you've seen this film" Phillip French, Observer

****"Pure Dynamite... An eloquent mugging" The Times
"Bold, fearless and blackly funny, this vital film should be compulsory viewing" Dazed and Confused
**** "One of the most important films of the year... Watch it and get angry!" Daily Mirror
Film of the Week - Mark Kermode BBC Radio 5
**** "An excellent piece of populist film making" The Scotsman
**** Time Out
**** Sunday Times
**** Sunday Telegraph
**** BBC Films
**** Daily Express

P.S :Whilst you are shopping on amazon, you might also want to grab a copy of Zoe's fab book ' My Boyfriend is a Twat'. Review coming soon.

P.P.S. An update from me. Whilst I'm here. On the blog silence - I've had a few concerned emails - I will be back writing more regularly soon.

It's just over 3 months since Mum had a catastrophic stroke out of the blue. Seven weeks tomorrow since she died. We're interring her ashes this weekend. I haven't really felt up to writing about how I feel, my interest in writing about current affairs has waned whilst the grief bites this hard, and blocks out the sunlight, and so I decided to give myself a break and cut back on as many commitments as possible, including this blog, and to try to look after myself and my family. There are not words for everything, sometimes writing doesn't help, and right now, more than anything, I need to be silent and make space for the sadness that comes in waves, and the feelings that come after. This is private, not public time.

I'm okay. Everyone goes through this at some stage in their lives. This is my way of dealing with it, and one thing I have learned in my life is that this too will pass. Given space, given grace, given time.