Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bomber background

How they brainwashed my friend, ( Sunday Times) and news on a possible 5th bomber. Meanwhile the train time in the narrative was wrong, as we know, and now one of the other bomb sites groups meeting Reid and Jowell has just pointed out that one of the bombs is described as being in the wrong place as well. I deliberately haven't gone into all the other disrecrepancies on the narrative and ISC on this blog because I don't want to attract the conspiracy theorists back here. I will be raising the issues instead at the meeting on the 25th July with Dr. Reid and Tessa Jowell and the Kings Cross survivors. ( Tavistock, Aldgate, Edgware, Kings Cross/Russell Square are all having seperate meetings with the Home Secretary and Tessa Jowell and ours is next week).

And before anyone starts up, no, I do not think it is right that survivors should have access to special info behind closed doors, which is why I am campaigning for a public inquiry, but nor can I be bothered to wade through zillions of posts about psy-ops, Scotland Yard exercises, bombs placed under trains by Zionist lizards and all the rest of it, as I am sick of all this nonsense all over my blog, so narrative disrecrepancies will have to be discussed elsewhere to guard against these pages becoming a fruitloop magnet yet again.


Blogger fifipoo07 said...

That's why comment moderation is so good. You can stop the loonies from being published on your blog. Pippa. You'd have thought whoever wrote this could have got their info right huh?

July 24, 2006 11:45 pm  

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