Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Save Parliament!

Back in February, I wrote about the Legislative & Regulatory Reform Bill.

It is something I think everyone should be concerned about, never mind the deliberately boring title, this is A Very Bad Thing. Do you want Ministers to be able to...

create a new offence of incitement to religious hatred, punishable with two years’ imprisonment;
curtail or abolish jury trial;
permit the Home Secretary to place citizens under house arrest;
allow the Prime Minister to sack judges;
rewrite the law on nationality and immigration;
“reform” Magna Carta (or what remains of it)... Ministerial order, without involving Parliament? No debate, just because the Executive say so? No representatives of your views to challenge the above?

No, nor do I.

See Save Parliament website for what the LRRB is, and how to fight it. ( By writing letters, not rioting in the streets, phew) and see Justin for a snappy and easy to read but FRIGHTENING explanation of what's going on. And see here for the original site against the Bill.
And see Tim, who has a very good post on it.
And so has Davide, go see, read it and weep. No, don't weep, write to your M.P and make a fuss.

Or if you are not in Rupert's camp vis a vis us upstart bloggers ( we are the future, you know) then here is what the dead tree lot have to say...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out -

Apparently they need the ability to arbitarily revoke the independence of Australia, Canada and about half the rest of the Commonwealth. No, literally true.

The Anon

March 16, 2006 9:39 am  

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