Saturday, December 17, 2005

Reasons why you might want to demand an independent public inquiry...

Petition here

You use public transport, and you want to know if anything could be learned to make your journeys safer in future.
You were involved on July 7th and you have useful feedback about the response to the bombings and the aftermath to share.
You think the Government are hiding something.
You don't think the Government are hiding anything, and it would be good to get that in the open and refute the naysayers .
You are fed up with conspiracy theories.
You have heard conspiracy theories and you'd like to see them answered.
It was the biggest terror attack we've had on our soil, 52 people were killed, and it was young British men who killed themselves to achieve their aims, so you think that should be investigated in public.
You want to know more about how 4 young British men became suicide bombers.
You think that as the public were attacked, and continue to be targets, answering their questions publicly seems fair and is the right thing to do
You are not sure whether answers will come out of it, or anything will change, but you'd like to try and think that is the democratic thing to do.
You were against the war in Iraq and you think the Government are trying to avoid the spectre being raised that Iraq upped the risk of the UK being attacked.
You supported the war in Iraq and you'd like to prove that had nothing to do with July 7th.
You feel that if survivors and bereaved are asking for it, you'd like to support their request
You have questions that remain unanswered.
You have other reasons - or want to state your thoughts in the comments box below...


Blogger Unknown said...


I'm on my way to sign there now, and will link to the petition from my blog too. I'm so glad you're fighting for this, it's so, so important.

I actually can't comprehend any reasoning behind *not* having an inquiry :-S

Hang on in there,
hippie x

December 17, 2005 8:38 pm  
Blogger annie mole said...

I will link to your petition too, but have you seen today's Sunday Times?

I have blogged about the leaked report where spies had been warned of an attack specifically on the London Underground. The leaked document is from 2003 but quite rightly fuels the arguments as to why Tony Blair doesn't want an independent inquiry.

I think in the back of our minds we all knew that an attack on the London Underground was inevitable, but with Intelligence being told of specific targets we need to know more about what is being done to prevent attacks.

December 18, 2005 9:33 am  
Blogger R said...

Your new piece in the Sunday Times was excellent, Rachel - here's the link -,,2092-1937542_2,00.html

December 18, 2005 9:56 am  

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