Saturday, December 17, 2005

More survivors speak... : ASK FOR A PUBLIC INQURY

Kirsty, a Piccadilly line survivor

'We all know what happened on that tube and I don't need to describe what it was like. Suffice to say that I have had time off work with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have never once been contacted by anyone to give a statement and no support has been offered to me by anyone, let alone the government. We have set up a support group amongst survivors and have helped each other that way.

To wake up this morning and hear that the Government had decided that the worst terrorist attack in peacetime this country has ever seen does not warrant a public enquiry just sickens me. Sadly it does not surprise me.

If they already know the answers can they please tell me why my tube was blown up on the way to work. They say they are going to publish a 'narrative' to explain to us what happened. The people on that tube already know what happened, that is not what we are trying to understand. What is important is why it happened and how it can be prevented from happening again. We need to understand how intelligence, security, community relations, and all the other factors involved, can be improved. The government absolutely need to learn lessons from this. If they understand why it happened then why didn't they know it was going to happen and why did they let 52 people die?

This was the worst terrorist attack in peacetime, it was the first time that suicide bombers have been 'home grown'. There are so many firsts, the government have no idea why it happened. We all have our opinions, but no-one really knows and we as a democratic country need to.
If the government feel that the threat of terrorism is so great that they need to introduce new laws which severely compromise our civil liberties, why do they not feel that it is not worth a public enquiry. Laws will not stop this from happening again. Understanding why it happened might just begin to.

52 people died, hundreds were injured and thousands are suffering psychological trauma and will do for months, perhaps years to come. Don't we deserve to know why?
We are all filled with terror every day when we use the tubes and the buses. Surely the government owes it to us to try and understand why this happened. It would help us fight our fear if we felt that the people in power were trying to make our journeys and our lives safer. I don't get the feeling they are.

The politicians were not attacked, we were, ordinary people. They were not victims, their families will have them with them around the tree this Christmas. What about the families who don't. Don't they deserve to know why? '


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