Saturday, December 17, 2005

Did I mention a public inquiry?

Have just written 1000 words for the Sunday Times News Review on the subject, with my thoughts and those of some of my fellow passengers... so look out for that on Sunday

Have just checked a site ( private) for victims of the other bombings, and surprise, surprise, quite a few people are pretty angry over there too.

Do your bit, sign and pass it on:
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Blogger Bridget said...

Hi Rachel

In the absence of an independent public inquiry, may I suggest a call for an independent people's inquiry?

Many individuals like myself are researching the events in London on 7/7/05 and are posting on forums and blogs, our research uncovers the many glaring inconsitencies in the (already) accepted narrative of that day or what we are being told is the conspiracy fact.

You have written in Rachel's Story in the Sunday Times:

"What I also remember is how the passengers of the 08.56 Piccadilly line train began to hold hands, to talk to each other, to save each other from the panic that could have erupted at any moment.",,2092-1892288,00.html

We were originally told that the Piccadilly line train exploded at 8.56 before the story changed to simultaneous explosions at 8.50 within 50 seconds of each other. Are you saying that the bomb exploded at 8.56?

You have another link on your blog to a story entiltled "Blue Watch relive the bomb hell inside carriage 346A", printed in the Observer on Sunday October 9, 2005.,6903,1588239,00.html

The carriage number 346A is quoted many times in this article, yet I have also been checking this story and have contacted the amazing Clive D W Feather of Davros fame
who has informed me that

"The Piccadilly Line train consisted of the following vehicles:


Car 166 was the one holding the bomb".

I sent him a link to the Observer story and his view is "My first assumption is that the Observer is staffed by malicious lying cretins who wouldn't know a fact if it hit them over the head. I see no reason to change that opinion."

These are just two of the many many inconsistencies of the conspiracy fact.

Who is telling the truth?

You ask what people find unforgivable. My answer is deceit. As George Orwell wrote "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act".

My own research can be found at

December 17, 2005 10:44 am  
Blogger Rachel said...

I've always assumed it was 8.56 because that was what I was told in the early reports so that has stuck in my mind.

It might well have been 8.50am. It was too crowed to move my arms and look at my watch.

I looked at my watch as I boarded at Finsbury Park and it was 8.42am, I think, because I was running late, and I noticed. My watch might have been a bit fast, so I don't know 100%,

my boyfriend has a text from me at 9.16am saying I have reached Russell Square platform, having escaped from the tunnel. Oddly, you could get reception on Russell Square platform, even though it is underground - well - you can send texts , but not make calls.

The bomb going off at 8.50am makes more sense now I think about it, as it took about 15-20 minutes to walk down the tunnel to Russell Square. 8.56 would mean I got off super-quickly, which is more unlikely.

Apologies then, but 8.50am sounds a lot more realistic, and ' the 8.56 train' was used colloquially by me because that was how it was always referred to when I started to write the blog - somewhat inaccurately it seems.

As to the train times thing, I think they took a mainline Luton train, not a Thameslink ? Have you checked?

As to the name of the carriage, I don't know, I am not a train spotter! The bomb went off in carriage one, I was by the first set of double doors, the bomber entered by the middle set of double doors and that was wehere he detonated the bomb before 9am. The 26 dead were in the centre of the carriage, the huge numbers packed in meant that those of us at the front and rear of carriage one were to some extent shielded by the blast by the mass of people between us and the bomber.

The smell was peroxide-based, not military explosives and the bomb was definitely in the carriage not under it, just to nail a few more conspiracy theories! And it definitely happened. And I am a real woman, not a Government Psy-ops agent. Or a lizard. Or a member of Mossad. I thank you.

December 17, 2005 11:26 am  
Blogger Bridget said...

Hi Rachel

All the media reports have told us that they arrived at Kings X via Thameslink, the main line train from Luton arrives at St Pancras, a totally different station.

A BBC 2 Horizon programme traces the supposed journey as did the images we have been shown from the 'rehearsal'and both show the Thameslink train.

I mentioned just these two out of the many inconsistencies in the story we have been told so far.

I also wonder what reason a Blue Watch firefighter may have in repeatedly telling us a carriage number which is blatantly wrong?

Another quote from the article says: "It had just turned 10am when Roche began striding along the dark tunnel towards the stranded train. No one had a clue what had caused its sudden breakdown. Roche had begun to fear the worst, though, as he came across a bedraggled string of passengers, their blackened, bleeding faces almost invisible in the choking clouds of smoke".

He was "firefighter Aaron Roche, the first person to enter carriage 346A of the 8.51am Piccadilly Line service from King's Cross after the 7 July bombs went off."

I can only ask questions as I have no answers, but I do wonder how the first person to enter this carriage didn't know at 10 am what had `caused the sudden breakdown`.

Would it be the answers to these sorts of questions that would have the state running scared of any inquiry into the events of 7/7?

As a survivor I should hope you are as concerned as I am, also a real woman btw, in getting to the truth of what really happened on that day.

December 17, 2005 12:08 pm  
Blogger Dave said...

So, it's the word of everybody about an irrelevant fact (the train number) versus a trainspotter? Forgive me if I fail to give a flying fuck. Kthxbye!

December 18, 2005 2:18 am  

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